Telegram bot to download videos from YouTube: descriptions of the top 6 best and how to use

YouTube video hosting is visited by millions of people every day. Sooner or later everyone has a situation when he liked some video and wants to download it to his computer. And in order not to lose the image quality and not to pay a penny for downloading content. The solution to this problem is surprisingly simple – use Telegram bots to download videos not only from YouTube, but also from other sources.

A selection of Telegram bots to download videos from YouTube

During the existence of Telegram, it has evolved from a simple messenger to a real social network, where you can find almost any information for free. In addition, many bots have appeared there for a variety of occasions. Some of the most popular bots are those that help download video files from YouTube, Instagram, and TickTock. If you need to download something, it is better to use one of the three bots.


Save Video Bot

The first most popular and most frequently downloaded bot. To use it, follow the instructions:

  • Find the desired video in the network, copy its address from the browser bar.
  • In Telegram, find the channel @SaveViBot and add it to your contact list.


  • Send the link to the video to the bot.

  • The program will offer several options for the selected content. They differ in quality and format. Select the desired one.

  • The file is downloaded and automatically saved in the specified location on the phone or PC.

  • Done. Enjoy the film on your device without advertising.


Insta Save

This bot was originally developed for Instagram, but that does not prevent it from capturing and downloading videos from other resources. It is very easy to start using the bot:

  • Repeat the first action from the previous point.
  • Let’s type in the search @instasaverbot, find and send the address of the selected video content.
  • We are waiting for the end of the download.
  • Voila! The movie or video is now stored with you and will not go anywhere.


YouTube Saver Bot

A more sophisticated program with a similar set of features. The bot has two menu items with the ability to search for content without leaving the messenger, as well as an option for instant download. It is convenient, because you can find the desired video file by several hashtags at once.

  • Typing in the Telegram search bar @youtube_saver_bot.


  • Repeat all the steps above: copy the link, paste, launch and download.


YouTubeBot .

Not too different from its predecessors, works on a similar algorithm, but gives up to 28 options for the quality of the video you’re looking for. At the same time separately robot throws the audio tracks from the video. You can find it in the search as follows: @youtubebot.

It is several times faster than its competitors, but it is not able to please with the variety of quality and formats. Indispensable when time is short and you need a clip in a hurry.


Differs from “brethren” in that it gets video from YouTube, VK and other social networks.

  • Find the program and select the language you want. Available in Russian and English.


  • Get a “self-presentation” from the bot and instructions on how to use it.
  • Send a link to the video.
  • Change the image quality inside the bot to “high”, since the default there is lower.

During the first request bot may “cranky” and not find the video. But in practice it works fine later.


What are the pros and cons of such bots?

It would be foolish to underestimate the development of programmers who want to simplify life. What advantages can be noted when using Telegram chatbots:

  1. The ability to seamlessly download any video file from almost all known promoted resources.
  2. There is no need to bother installing additional programs, downloaders and applications.
  3. An elementary process consists of two, at most, three steps. Copy link – paste – download.
  4. Ability to choose the quality of the video to your liking.
  5. Many bots split the video and audio track, saving the user from unnecessary work.
  6. Bots are almost the only way to get video from Instagram, since the social network is most concerned about the originality of its content.


But shortcomings and omissions do not bypass chatbots. After all, you can find flaws in any program if you look hard enough:

  1. You can download videos from YouTube without the help of bots, but few people know about it. All you have to do is enter two English letters “S” in the address bar before the word “YouTube”.
  2. Not all bots in Telegram have a search function. You will have to use several programs. First – to search, and then – to download the material.
  3. You will have to search for the video yourself before downloading it through the program.
  4. If the user is surfing through a smartphone, bots are more convenient, but if the user is surfing through a PC, it’s smarter to just add “SS” to the browser bar on YouTube and not bother.


In addition to utilities that download clips, Telegram is full of other useful things. There are bots that will tell you where to watch new movies. They will tell you in which theater it is best to buy tickets. In short – a paradise for movie lovers.

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