Telegram channels with books: top 11 best for reading and downloading, search bots

Telegram Channels with different books allow you to find and download digital literature in one social application – the Telegram messenger. Thousands of titles from authors from different cities are posted in the public domain. To choose the right way to get it, you need to familiarize yourself with popular sources and their common features.

Telegram book resources are numerous. You can choose by country, language of interest, direction, styles and other parameters. For example, the source “Books by Design.” From the name it is clear what kind of literature will appear daily (in several public languages). Some are quite versatile, for those who just like to read.

book reading

“Kniggitut” on Telegram

“Kniggitut.” – A resource that posts books from several publishers. Download books for your mobile device or tablet for free. The source canva is quite versatile, different from other similar channels. It was created relatively recently, but is rapidly developing. Literature for different tastes, from scientific research to romantic memoirs of pop stars.


“Storybook Library.”

This resource is considered a development of the Institute of Philologists. Thousands of books are available for direct download without registration or additional fees. The channel offers different formats of books – audio files and text. The platform offers different styles and texts, new files for downloading appear every day.


Warning! Before downloading any file, it is important to make sure that your device – phone, tablet or other – supports the selected format. It is enough to download the book you are interested in and try to launch it. The system will offer a choice of how to open the document.

“The Power of Knowledge.

There are about 30 thousand people subscribed to the channel. The resource provides access to files of different formats, works of different styles. Sometimes administrators offer subscribers various promo codes for partner companies’ products. It is possible to read online and offline.



“Audiobooks” are a stream of various audio format files. The popular direction of the presented literature is self-development, personal growth, and business promotion. Information is provided on the cost of books at store sites. Online and offline listening is available. In addition to general channel style, you can find documents on culture, psychology, science, and other areas.


“Book Fox.”

“Book Fox” is a resource with a cozy, homey atmosphere. The public block reads, “About your favorite books, comics, and poetry.” The channel is used by more than 40 thousand people, there is a constant growth of the audience. Documents in Russian and other languages are available. The administrators constantly offer various contests and additional bonuses for users.



This is a source with an audience of more than 30 thousand people. In the book descriptions, the administrators indicate the name of the book or work, the name of the author, genre and format, sometimes a short abstract (about what, brief content). Links in the form of buttons allow you to download literature from the messenger Telegram to your mobile device.



Cultpop is an author’s project. The direction of the source – interviews with various popular people (critics, writers, authors, literary critics), quotes and opinions of various “characters”, author reviews (what was written about, for what purpose or audience). Sometimes links to related subject blogs, promo codes, and other useful information are posted.



The “Literature” source allows access to short stories. The mini-stories are placed in the text of the posts. The format is suitable for those who cannot spend a large amount of time reading. The short stories are easy to follow, read quickly, and can fill the pauses that arise.



“Reading” is a channel with mini-productions from popular authors, recorded in audio format. There is no need to download, it is available to listen in messenger. The source is used by more than 15 thousand users. Sometimes the resource “freezes”, but the posts are saved and available at any time.



The channel “LitRes” in the messenger Telegram is derived from the site of the same name. The source works recently, there are few publications. There is information about the work of the “LitRes” brand system – available works, promotions, different formats and related sites.


Books fine

An independent source for posting literature. The authors point out the absence of commercial orientation. Any copyright holder who is against the placement of their work on the Telegram messenger can contact the administrator, and the book will be removed. The information is free for users.


Bot to search for books in Telegram

There are special automated systems – bots – to search for works in the social network. A few of the main ones are:

Telegram bot

  • @mybookbot – more often used for devices running on the iPhone platform, androids sometimes trigger blocking;
  • @eKnigaBot – allows you to search for desired works, and then, without downloading, read books;
  • @sbpoems_bot – platform for searching poems (more than 100 thousand titles);
  • @flibustafreebookbot – helps find files by genre, titles.

Looking for information with the help of bots is not difficult, just enter the name or other available data.

How to download books

To download works via Telegram, follow the instructions:

  • find a suitable channel with free audio files or text documents;
  • select the post with the work, where there is a “Download” button;


  • click on the desired format.

After that, the system will either redirect to the site or start the process of downloading the desired file.

Reading books enriches spiritually and mentally. A suitable work helps to pass the time or learn something new. Telegram channels with a variety of literature help you to quickly find the desired work and download it to your device.

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