Telegram Channels with Jobs: How to Search for a Job and a List of Suitable Groups

Websites for job search may not always be convenient – it’s better to view them from your computer rather than from your phone. However, if there is no such possibility, the job channels available to Telegram messenger users will help. In each of them, you can find dozens of ads from employers, which will certainly be of interest and cause a desire to respond.

How to respond to vacancies

Most job channels work as follows. Posts, which are s, contain information about the job. This is the job title, salary, and tasks that define the specifics of the job. There is also a hashtag defining the field of activity, including SMM marketing, and a link to the site, clicking on which you can see the detailed conditions of work and respond to the vacancy.


Resume and portfolio

The resume, which is necessary for the employer to become familiar with the potential employee’s skills and to decide if he or she is suitable for the position, is sent through the website where the vacancy is located.

There are several options, one of which involves registration, during which the necessary information is specified. It is also possible to send a portfolio to the employer’s email listed in the ad.

How to search for a job in Telegram

In order to search for a job in Telegram, you need to install the messenger, complete a brief registration process that includes confirming the phone number with a code sent in an SMS, and address the search bar. Having typed the address of one of the channels discussed below, you need to click on the “Search” button and find among the results what you are looking for.

Once “Subscribe” is clicked, you can start browsing for jobs. In order not to lose what you are interested in, the ads you like are added to bookmarks (“Forward” – “Favorites” (“Save as a memory”)).

Remote work

To search for remote work you can use the channel @findes_cat, the specifics of which are jobs available to those who are at home and for some reason cannot or do not want to leave it. The authors of the channel publish vacancies from, which appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to become popular.Screenshot_1

In this case, the Telegram community is not a bad way to promote the site. Already more than 300 thousand people are subscribed to the group and follow the updates, which, by the way, do not keep them waiting.

Media and content

On the channel @zarazeu It is possible to find vacancies that will be interesting to those who want to realize themselves as a modeler, SMM-specialist, designer, and advertising manager. These and other ads are posted daily in the community so that everyone can find a job to their liking. The creators also offer to post a resume, promising that it will help find a job in the social network.


However, this service is not free – you will have to pay 100 rubles for it. It is impossible to say unequivocally that it will help find a job, but we can assume that Telegram is used not only by job seekers, but also by employers.


Ads for those interested in marketing are posted at @jobinmarketingua – channel, which has 4,000 subscribers. Unlike others, the last post, which was written several months ago, said that this community continues to post job openings.


Among the most recent ones, you can notice a job posting for a marketer, the response to which involves a test assignment. In order to get it, you need to contact the author of the ad. Communication is via Telegram.

Product and project management

On the channel @workinst publishes vacancies for those who want to try out the role of a manager on Instagram. Many bloggers are looking for an assistant to be in charge of creating photo and video layouts, building the feed, and promoting ads.


There are a lot of such ads, and the authors of the community decided to collect them in one place. It is also possible to publish your own ad. This feature is paid, but the cost is not specified.


Designers can check out the jobs posted at @designjobsdagestan. The community was created to help employers find the right person for the job. Some of the ads are marked “Urgent!”. These are worth paying special attention to.


Some employers are looking for designers for a project, some for graphic designers or people willing to do interior design. Another job posted in this community is a photo lab operator.

Development and IT

A large number of jobs for IT people can be found at @hriya. The creators of the channel publish many interesting announcements, including from companies that need platform and system developers, programmers, and adjusters. They are not limited to Moscow and St. Petersburg.


You can find ads on the channel from Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Kemerovo. Some vacancies are available for those who plan to work remotely. They are marked with a special hashtag and have recently appeared more often than others.


In order to find internships, you can contact @newdirections. This is a channel whose authors offer internship options to subscribers. There is also information about volunteer programs in which you can participate to gain experience and skills. In each post – detailed terms and conditions including information, goals, objectives, cost.


Other jobs

Other jobs can be found at @vakansii5. The creators of this community offer a daily selection of ads to subscribers. Different spheres of activity are sure to attract the attention of the job seeker who visits this group. Perhaps, it is here that you will find something to your liking.


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