Telegram folders: how to create separate folders for chats on PCs and smartphones

The idea of creating folders in Telegram has long occurred to the developers. At the initial stage of the plans, it was assumed that they would be similar to archives. In fact, their interface is much more convenient. The directories are placed at your fingertips, regardless of the user’s device, and they are easy to rename, change, and delete. Another advantage is the ability to group channels.

What are they for?

The main way to get information to a user is to place it on a channel. It is practically the same on the Telegram service as private conversations. In addition, channels and messages are not separated in any way on the screen. Because of this, the account gets messy.


The introduction of directories has helped to organize information in the profile, divide communities, channels and chats among themselves and sort them by content. Their functionality is still small – creating, deleting and editing.

How to create separate chat folders in Telegram

The procedure for developing directories on mobile and desktop editions of Telegram is different. On both devices, you can use the universal link tg://settings/folders, which redirects the user to the “Folders” page. To use this method, you will need version 6.0 of the program on your mobile device and version 2.0 on your computer.


Clicking on the link takes the user to the settings. If the versions of the program are outdated or this method seems inconvenient, you can take the long way by grouping channels through settings.

On the computer

The algorithm for organizing conversations on the computer is much the same as the procedure on Android devices:

  • Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner of the monitor.


  • Select “Settings.”


  • In the panel that appears, click on “Folders” and click on “Create New Folder”.


  • You need to give a name, and then you can add or exclude conversations from it.


You can add certain types of conversations to the directory:

  • contacts only;
  • all, except contacts;
  • groups;
  • bots.

So, a group of chats will contain only the data of the selected category. After creation, it is displayed on the left side of the monitor, in the panel that appears. Go to the created group by clicking on it with the mouse.


On the phone

The user is advised to remember: to make a folder in different operating systems, use distinctive algorithms of action.


The grouping process:

  • On the bottom panel, click on the icon with the word “Chats”, click on the resulting inscription “Add Folder +”.


  • In the window that appears, select “Create Folder.


  • Move to the window where you can add, exclude channels that will be displayed in this directory.


  • After setting, click on “Create” in the upper right corner.


The new directory will appear in the top pane of the main application window.


You can group conversations through the “Manage Folders” menu:

  • Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner, go to settings.


  • Find the “Folders” item.


  • Click the plus sign next to “Create New Folder.”


  • Think of a name. To add conversations, you need to use the appropriate button that appears in the application window.


  • After completing the settings, click on the blue check mark in the lower right corner.
  • The created grouping will be displayed in the upper panel on the main page.


The user can add a channel, a group, a conversation of a certain type chosen by them. In addition, the application allows you to exclude chats for a given directory.

How to delete a folder in Telegram?

To delete a group of chats, all you need to do is to press and hold your finger on its name. In the PC version, a right-click applies. In the menu that opens, select “Delete” (“Remove”). After the directory disappears, the channels that were in it are preserved.

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