Telegram games: a description of the top 3 best, what bots exist and how to use

Messengers are gradually reaching a new level. They cease to be a means of communication and become an interactive space. Numerous communities offer users to plunge into the world of content and get acquainted with the latest movies and music, job listings or weather forecast for the next week. A separate niche is occupied by games that can be played without closing the application – directly in Telegram.

Features and types of games for the app

There are several types of games in Telegram, in which you can participate for free and without leaving the messenger. They differ from each other by genre and interface. Among them are arcades, involving the active execution of actions, such as jumping from one platform to another, and logical, aimed at developing thinking and intellectual abilities.

Also worth checking out the race, whose goal – to overtake the opponent on the highway or the stadium, and gambling – they like inveterate card players, spending time playing poker or solitaire.

On the Internet you can find extensive catalogs containing several dozen such entertainment. The gameplay is done with the help of a bot – a program designed to brighten up the leisure time of the user. The robot is controlled by commands that can be seen by clicking on “Hints” or “Information”. Equally interesting are the game communities designed for group interaction. Their work is coordinated by the administrator, the creator of the group or bots-assistants, whose algorithms allow to maintain order in the chat.

Where do I search for games?

You can search for games using the search bar at the top of the screen. In order to use it, it is enough to download the messenger and take a short registration in a few steps. On the site of the developers of Telegram you can find several versions available for download. Each of them is suitable for a certain type of device – cell phone or personal computer. It is also possible to work without downloading and installing – just open a browser, follow the link provided on the site and click “Register”.

Sign up Telegram

Registration is done in two steps. The first is to enter your phone number, the second is to confirm it with a code, which will come in an SMS. It will not take much time, but it will open access to the games. In the upper right corner is an icon that is a circle with a line at the bottom. This is a magnifying glass, which you should click and enter the name of the community or bot. If it is unknown – will help a short address, which is entered through the “dog” (“@”).

Top games

It is worth remembering about three games that are considered to be the best. The first – tic-tac-toe. To play it, you must join the community @KrestikBotik. At the moment there are 57 active players in the group, ready to start the match at any time.


A square with empty squares appears on the screen – 3×3, 5×5 and others. The player makes a move, which is displayed in real time to the opponent. Under the field there are two buttons. The first is “Pause”, necessary for those who want to take a break and come back a little later, the second is “End Game”, designed to reset the results.

The second is intended for noisy feasts. It is only half-interactive, because in the community only tasks appear, and the gameplay is done in reality. To start playing, you need to type in the search box @Drink_Party_Bot. The game is reminiscent of funnies: participants perform the tasks suggested by the bot.


In the messenger, you can find a program with a similar name that does not work. To distinguish it from the one that is needed, it is worth paying attention to the avatar – it is a white bottle with a red label, located on a green background. The entertainment begins by pressing the “Start” and “Begin” buttons. After that, a message appears with the rules. People must be 4 to 10, their names are written in the chat and the bot randomly chooses the first player.

Game bots for Telegram

The third game worth focusing on is no different from the previous two. She is a game bot designed for those who like to read. It is possible to play alone. To find the program, you need to type @QuestGameBot.


The process is the answers to the robot’s messages. It is a quest that offers several endings, depending on the choices you make in the process. The robot’s messages are very lively and realistic. Sometimes you get the feeling that these are not prewritten lines, but a dialogue with a live person.

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