Telegram registration: how to sign in and create an account online

The developers of the application are working tirelessly to improve the messenger. Previously, registration in Telegram was available only by cell phone number, but now there are many more ways to get an account. Let’s look at the different options for logging into the program, and the difficulties that the user may encounter in the process of activating the profile.

Registering on a PC

Starting from 2022, it is not necessary to create an account on Android or iPhone before signing up to Telegram on a computer.

Telegram registration

With a phone number

The procedure for fixing the installation data is not complicated, it is not difficult to activate the profile on a PC. The only inconvenience is that at the initial stage you will have to cope with the English-language interface, the program will be available in Russian only after registration.

How to register:

  • Download the computer version of Telegram, install the application, and select a language.
  • After installation is complete, the messenger will launch automatically.
  • To create a profile, select the “Login by phone number” button. Enter the number in the international format.


  • Within 2 minutes an SMS message with the combination of digits for activation will be sent to the linked number. Enter the code in the appropriate field. If the notification was not delivered to the recipient within the specified period, the web-operator will call the specified number and dictate the secret combination.

Click on “Continue” and finish the registration of the profile on the PC.

Without number

For users who for some reason do not want to show their phone number, there are alternative ways to activate the account.

Using Skype

Registering an account through virtual Skype is an opportunity to use the application without being tied to a phone number. The user will have access to all the functions of Telegram: messaging, files, and the ability to receive and make calls.

Algorithm of actions:

  • Sign in to Skype. At the top left of the screen, click on the icon of 3 vertical dots.
  • In the menu that pops up, click on “Settings”. Go to “Account and profile”.
  • In the “Skype Number” block, tap the “Get” icon.


  • The program will automatically switch to the new page. From the list provided, select the region or country of residence.


  • After assigning the phone number, move on. The next step is to select the appropriate tariff.


  • Fill in the fields “First name”, “Last name”, “Address of residence”. Confirm the data and your willingness to pay the bill, which will come to the specified address. Check the box in the consent line.

How to sign in to Telegram and register, how to create an account in Russian

  • Click on the “Continue” button. Select the convenient method of payment (you can pay with a bank card or transfer funds from an electronic wallet).

After submitting an application, wait for confirmation, which will come by e-mail.

Virtual numbers

This service allows you to get an activation code of your profile without cell phone. The user has remote access to a one-time or permanent virtual number.

One-time numbers are free, for the permanent number one has to pay. But the second option is more convenient because it is constantly available. Login and registration are similar to the usual, but you need to be identified at the service (upload your passport scan or pay).

When creating a virtual SIM-card, enter the country code in the side menu. After receiving an SMS, confirm the activation of the account. One more plus in favor of virtual numbers is possibility to set forwarding of messages to e-mail.

Using TextNow site

Registration through this service does not give much trouble. You should start by downloading the application. It is best to do this on Google Play.


How to activate an account from the computer:

  1. Click on the “Get a free phone number” button.
  2. Fill in the required fields and consent to the processing of personal data.

Once you receive the password, enter it in the appropriate line, the registration will be complete. Many windows will open that need to be bypassed to avoid giving the app permission to use personal data.

Using the Primo app.

Activating an account through Primo is a free way to communicate with friends, housemates and colleagues. The registration process is almost identical to creating a profile in the TextNow website app.

The process of registering Telegram on Android

Before you start registering, download the program on Android. You can activate the profile in 2 ways:

  • SMS;


  • Using the voice service.

To create an account, you will need to enter your phone number, country of residence. The service will ask permission to make calls. When it receives a confirmation code, enter the numbers in the line specified by the program. Fill in the fields with your personal information.

Signing up for Telegram on iOS

Gadgets produced by the Apple brand run on the iOS operating system. Therefore, you should go to the App Store for the Telegram application. After fully downloading the package, the messenger is ready to work, the user can start sending notifications.


But to register, you will need to enter the phone number according to the international standard, indicate the country of residence, name and surname. The service center will send a verification code, after entering which the application will work in full.

Allow Telegram access to your contact list.

Windows Phone

The service, which does not lose its popularity. The order of setting up a profile in Telegram:

  1. Download the application from the official site, download it.
  2. Click on the “Start communicating” button.
  3. Enter the phone number to which you will register the messenger.


After receiving the secret code, activate the account, russify the application. The disadvantages of the service include the impossibility of video conferencing and video calls. Also, there is no option in Windows Phone to find interesting bots, chats and channels.

Possible problems that can be encountered

Telegram is a secure social network, but even here there are sometimes problems for users. The most common problems that make it difficult to register:

  1. The application is in English. Until recently, Russian-speaking users were forced to download the location from third-party resources, which is risky. Now to change the interface, you need to enter the settings menu and select the “Language” button. The application will reload and then opens in the selected language.
  2. Messenger takes a long time to load. There may be several reasons for this: Telegram is blocked in Russia – use VPN or proxy; the download is blocked by the user’s gadget – reload the phone; not enough memory on the device – clean the cache; slow Internet – try reconnecting to the network.
  3. No confirmation code comes. You won’t be able to join the network without SMS. Check if you indicated your phone number correctly. If you activated your account earlier, the registration code may have arrived at the address you entered. It may happen that SMS delivery is delayed due to operator’s network failure. In some cases, simply reset the device.

If the measures taken did not bring results, you can always contact the support service.

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