Temperature sensor in your phone – how it works, how to turn it on, download

Temperature sensor in the phone - how it works, applications for measuring

In modern mobile devices, developers introduce a lot of different useful chips, which are designed to simplify the use of the gadget and make it more convenient. One such sensor is a temperature sensor in the phone, which will be discussed in today’s review.

temperature sensor in your smartphone

Why do we need this module?

It is not difficult to guess that its main task is to measure temperature. There are two main varieties:

  • for determining internal temperature readings;
  • To calculate values related to the environment.

The first is more common, is present in every modern model, performs a protective function, warning the user about the strong overheating of the mobile device during operation.

This sensor can communicate directly with built-in utilities that display information about the temperature of the battery, processor, and graphics adapter. If such applications are not integrated into Android, they can easily be downloaded from the official Google Play store.

As for the sensor that measures atmospheric readings, there are very few such models.

“Many years ago” was released the first smartphone with a temperature sensor – the Samsung Galaxy S4. Such functionality (S Health) was presented as an advantage over devices from other manufacturers.

S Health utility on Samsung

But now other technologies are used to calculate such data. There are a lot of utilities in Google Play, which displays the right information based on your current location. But this requires an internet connection and GPS activation.

You can do without connecting to satellites, but you have to manually enter the name of the city where you are. The application will send a request to the server, receive an answer and very quickly show the result on the display.

Program interface for displaying ambient temperature

What temperature sensor for Android to download?

Now let’s move on to the consideration of programs. At the link you will find a list of the most relevant options, and below I lay out a few utilities that are most popular.

Note that many developers create fake applications, the purpose of which is not to provide reliable information, but simply for entertainment. This is why such software has a lot of negative feedbacks and low ratings, although the creators of the utilities themselves indicate in the description that it is only a joke, a software for practical jokes.

Can I measure my body temperature with my phone?

From all of the above it follows that it is impossible to perform such operations. Although again, on the Internet you can find many mock programs that offer to use the temperature sensor in the phone as a thermometer.

Even the interface looks very realistic, the instructions indicate that you should put your finger to the screen and hold for a few seconds, or stick it under your armpit, and you will see the measurement results on the screen.

Application for body temperature measurement

But you should not trust such utilities. It is better to use proven medical devices, unless you want to have fun. In this case, download such software at your discretion.

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