Tenderly Discord: brief description and tags of the server, how to get to it

Messenger users use servers to communicate and share experiences. Groups serve a variety of purposes. For example, through the service Tenderly in the program Discord, you can organize conversations and discuss the necessary topics (anime, games, stickers and more). First, the user should familiarize himself with the main characteristics of the unit, the installation instructions and other features.


Server tags

To find the right server, administrators assign a certain set of words – tags – to the group. The following values are attached to the Tenderly service:

  • server;
  • Discord;
  • communication;
  • anime;
  • friends.

From these names, you can see that the group does not have a narrow focus. Add any users can, and create different themes.

Attention! Find the right resource can be found using different search sites. For example, https://server-discord.com/. The page has several fields and customizable parameters.


Brief description

The community has been created quite a long time ago, the number of participants is more than 179 thousand people. Other features of the community:

  • position in the overall ranking – 2;
  • language – Russian;
  • standard functionality – free;
  • The name of the group in VKontakte, community tag in Instagram and other social networks (for example, Error! Invalid hyperlink object.);
  • a small description from community administrators;
  • separate “Login” and “Add Feedback” buttons.

The standard Discord community lists do not contain much information. For comparison, users can join different communities – the differences lie in the communication style of the players, coordination through admins and other nuances.


How to join.

To join the group, you need to follow the link https://discord-server.com/ru/457902248660434944. Then the user needs to press the “Login” button and enter the data from the Discord account. The instructions are the same for the messenger servers, regardless of the subject. In addition, you can use other addresses:

  • https://discordbook.ru, then servers and 457902248660434944 with a slash;
  • https://top.gg, then servers and 457902248660434944;
  • https://discord.com, the invite page, and the name tenderly.

On some pages users can see additional characteristics of the community or feedback from other players.


The tenderly resource is a community where you can find like-minded people on various topics. The community has been created a long time ago, the instructions for joining are standard, suitable for new users.

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