Test Komputronik IEM Champion 2016 X001 – ready for e-sports and VR

We are testing a computer with a very long name – Komputronik Intel Extreme Masters Champion 2016 X001. This is a desktop designed to handle the most demanding games. Will it cope with this task?

Alienware 15 test – a gaming laptop from outer space

“We play games”.

The exact specification of the device can be found at the bottom of the material. There is nothing to describe in detail – the tested computer does not use any unusual solution. It is better to go straight to the substance, that is, to write how the IEM computer copes with the latest games.

SUPERHOT – An innovative FPP shooter by a Polish studio from Łódź. Maybe it doesn’t look hardware intensive, but it has its requirements. There were no problems.

Dying Light: The Following
– Expanded add-on to the Polish hit from Wrocław. On maximum settings (after disabling the add-ons offered by Nvidia, of course) the game ran at 60 frames per second.

Fallout 4 – a game that needs no introduction. The highest settings were not a threat to it.

Quantum Break – the freshest and very demanding, mainly due to bad optimization title. We didn’t know how the X001 would cope with it. It did without any problems. On high settings everything worked fine.

Using a special program on the Steam platform, we checked if the X001 was ready for a very demanding VR set-up like the HTC Vive. The test passed, the result below.

Test summary

Komputronik IEM Champion 2016 X001 is a really good dextop for gaming, multimedia and everyday work – this goes without saying. Some may consider its suggested price (5690 PLN at the time of publication of the material) as high. Undoubtedly, people who can assemble a gaming computer on their own, can build a similar machine for a lower price. However, if someone does not want to play, plus counts on additional games in the package – he can safely think about buying X001.

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