The best ADSL ADSL modem – make the right choice

How to choose the right ADSL ADSL modem

Hi friends. Despite the emergence of new technologies of high-speed Internet access, many users (both private and enterprises) continue to use the “ancient” ways. In this article I will help you to choose the best ADSL ADSL modem of several modern variants.

A little bit of theory

What is ADSL? This is a method of exchanging data with the help of telephone communication channels. That is, if you do not have the opportunity to connect to the fiber optic / twisted pair, but there is a landline phone, it is real to connect to it through a special modem to access the Internet (provided that such service is provided by the telecommunications operator).

Varieties of

  • Modem with USB-interface. The most inexpensive variant. The device has a compact size and is easy to configure. It is enough to connect it to the power supply, insert the cable, install the necessary drivers on the PC. But there is one nuance: not all computers are able to recognize such modems.
  • With Ethernet-port. They are in high demand due to their versatility and low cost.
  • Routers with Wifi. Allows you not only to use wireless access to the Internet, but also to create a small network. A good solution for the office.

At the present moment the best ADSL modem is the one with several ports for connecting two or more computers and equipped with a wireless module (transmitter + antenna). This variant will allow “surfing” the network simultaneously for several users with laptops, smartphones or tablets. It is very convenient for home.

What kind of ADSL modem WiFi router to buy

Let’s move on to the consideration of the most relevant devices, which are most in demand among the users.

This router supports many standards:

  • ADSL2+ to increase bandwidth;
  • 3G/LTE is realized by connecting a USB modem;
  • Ethernet.
Dlink DSL 2650

The USB port allows you to connect a printer and an ordinary flash drive, which can be used as a network drive. Four outputs are available for building a wired network. To protect the traffic there is an integrated firewall (firewall), which blocks all attempts to hacker attacks, and closes access to unwanted sites (for office workers or “parental control”).

Updates can be set up and installed through a virtual interface in Russian.

Keenetic DSL

Development of the company Zyxel, which specializes in the manufacture of such equipment. Very reliable model, which is more expensive than analogues, but will serve you for many years without problems.

Zixel Kinetic DSL
  • Modem allows you to simultaneously access the network to an unlimited number of users via Wifi;
  • Two USB ports are available for connecting a NAS or print server. It is noteworthy that these devices can be accessed remotely, via FTP;
  • There is a built-in BitTorrent, which reduces the load on the PC when distributing files via torrent;
  • Quality channel stabilization for bad lines;
  • Supports 3G and 4G modem connection;
  • Maximum bandwidth of 300 Mbit per second.

This ADSL modem with WiFi, whose price is optimal and corresponds to the quality of the network device.

Tenda D152

A simple modem with two switching ports and wireless data transmission capability (up to 150 Mbit).

Tenda D512
  • ADSL 2+ technology is used to improve the quality of the wired connection;
  • Software update is performed “on the fly” through a special protocol TR069;
  • To ensure that no one else can join in the use of “your” Internet, you can set a password that will be encrypted technology WPA / WPA2;
  • High-quality protection from lightning (up to 6 kilovolts);
  • The setting is made in a simple interface. Just three steps and you can start using it.

Asus DSL-N14U.

Not the cheapest model in the N series, but the most functional and reliable. It can be used by the most demanding users, who take the most out of life. The modem can be used both at home and for building complex office networks with the possibility to connect “general” equipment: printer, storage, scanner.

The most important advantage, for which it is worth paying, is the cloud service AiCloud .. This is a kind of virtual drive, where you can store personal data, work files. And they can be accessed both from the computer and through special applications for mobile gadgets.

  • Easy initial setup will get the device up and running in a few minutes. Rostelecom subscribers will definitely appreciate the ease of installation.
  • If you are fond of downloading files from the net, you will like the built-in Download Master software, which can “pull” content from the Internet around the clock and save it to an external drive. The PC can be switched off at this time.
  • The presence of two antennas provides a large radius of wireless coverage, which pleases owners of large apartments or private homes. Using the Internet will be possible even outdoors. Alternatively, you can use the model as an access point in a cafe, a park.

At this point I bid you farewell! In this article I told you how to choose a wifi router for the apartment 2016 with ADSL support, which at the same time perform the role of routers, print servers and not only.

I may not have given all the important features, but if you think about buying one of these models, you can read a detailed description on the pages of the online store.

Regards, Victor

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