The best Android apps and games of 2022

At the beginning of December 2022, Google named the best apps, games 2022 for mobile devices with the Android operating system.

Best Android apps and games for Android 2021

Glitch Video Editor.

This program was chosen by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. The software is in Russian and the interface is extremely simple. It’s enough to select a photo/video from the Gallery or make a new picture, then you get access to make changes. There are such functions:

  • Cropping;
  • Cropping (there are many templates for different social networks);
  • Slowing down/accelerating;
  • Audio overlay;
  • Filters and visual effects.
Best Android apps and games of 2022 according to Google and our users

At the end of the article you can watch a video review.


One of the many Android apps for self-development, motivation, meditation and extra energy throughout the day. Several courses are available, including a beauty course for the female audience.

The cost of software is not too great – about 150 rubles per course. You should take a test beforehand, which will help you understand – whether you need it or not. In general, a very interesting project – in Russian, with authoring music and unique meditative techniques.

Best Android apps and games of 2022 according to Google and users

In this video from our Youtube-channel we will look at the best Android applications for 2022:

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Call of Duty Mobile

This game was able to gain momentum in the shortest possible time and surpass all competitors. The 3D-shooter with the Battle Royale mode was installed on their smartphones, tablets and other devices – more than 100 million people from different countries.

It is worth noting that every year more and more of the gamer audience goes online, so the first place in the rankings are those games that support Multiplayer.

Best Android apps and games of 2022 - judged by Google and users

Brawl Stars.

If the previous game is Google’s preference, then Brawl Stars is the winner in the User’s Choice category. A favorite app of millions (and my kids, including). The essence is simple – you have to choose a character, weapons, join an online battle with other opponents.

Google and iOS: Google's Best Android Apps and Games of 2022

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