The best sex in the world – part II

About 40,000 men from 42 countries participated in the Men’s Health survey. MH readers of all countries, unite!

The best sex in the world - part II

Polish men are the most faithful. Men from Portugal have the most one-night-stand mistresses. Brazilian men participate in threesomes more often than men from other countries. Australians have made love in the most places, and Italians are the most successful at giving women orgasms – one after another. Mating rituals define a culture – they are linked by sex. What secrets do men from these countries know that you have no idea about? Read on and get to know them.


Hungarians have tried the most positions (number of positions in the average guy’s sexual arsenal)
1. Hungarians 8.27
2. Argentinians 5.76
3. Spaniards 4.63
6. Poles 3.79
World average – 3.3%.

What’s the secret

– Communism suppressed sex in Hungary. Until the country’s liberation from communism in 1989, magazines like “Playboy” and “Hustler” were not available. Moreover, there was no access to the full version of “Kamasutra”. – says Agnieszka Beregszaszi, who edits the sex column in the Hungarian edition of Men’s Health. – Now that all these sources are available, and with the addition of the Internet, a whole new perspective has opened up for Hungarian men. They are so excited about it that they want to try everything they read about in bed.

You don’t have to jump from a lamp or be a yoga master to break the bed routine: our research reveals that the missionary position, the least orgasmic for women, is still the only one for 42 percent of men in the world. Well, theory as theory – it’s just a shame that it doesn’t explain why in other countries liberated from communism, like Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania or Russia, the results were twice as low? Here’s some inspiration from around the world.

Hungary: The Lazy Couple

This is the perfect position for a late night interlude. In the spoon position (you are on the outside, resting your body on your elbow), ask her to lift the knee of the leg she has on top, and then start penetration from behind.This position requires little effort on the part of the woman, plus the angle of the bodies makes it easy to stimulate the G-spot while your hands gently caress her clitoris. – Since your chest is snuggled against her back, you can coordinate your breaths and rhythm. In this way, you will create a unique sense of togetherness,” Beregszaszi explains.

Spain: Leaning dog

Ask her to lie on her stomach and then, bending at the hips, lift her buttocks. Kneeling, enter her from behind. As you thrust, the tip of your penis reaches the wall of her vagina exactly where the G-spot is located. Bonus: This position lengthens the walls of the vagina, says Pedro Oro, a sexologist in Spain, which causes the vagina to wrap around the penis more tightly and makes it feel bigger to the partner.

India: Fusion

Sit on a bed or on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Tilt your body about 15 degrees or so, supporting yourself with your arms. Ask her to sit facing you and help her lower her body angle as she leans back and stabilizes with her arms. Her knees should rest on your shoulders. – This is one of several positions during which both partners can see each other’s sexual organs, says Mahinder Watsa, M.D., a sex therapist from India.And that makes sexual arousal more intense.

Brazil: Amazon

Lie on your back and lift your knees to your chest. Ask her to squat on your erect member, facing you. Her feet should be on the sides of your stomach with her thighs resting on yours. Then wrap your thighs around her waist and hold her hands

so she can keep her balance. – “This is a great position for women who aren’t strong enough to stay on top for long periods of time,” says Laura Muller, a Brazilian sex counselor and author of “500 Questions About Sex. “It allows a woman to control the depth of penetration and leaves one hand free to caress her clitoris.


Brazilian men most often participate in threesomes (percentage of men who have participated in a threesome)
1. Brazil 19
2. United Kingdom 17.55
3. Australia 17.52
20. Poland 9.44
World average – 14 percent.

What’s the secret

Brazilians simply know what they want, and they don’t hesitate to reach for it. It’s exactly that simple. – In Brazil, a man will not hesitate to ask for a threesome as a gift from his partner for a birthday or anniversary, says Laura Muller. – Women in Brazil are open-minded and consider participating in a threesome simply as another thing on the list of sexual fantasies and experiences they want to try themselves.

When we asked Men’sHealth readers about their biggest sexual fantasy, nearly half said they would like to participate in a threesome. Here’s what to do to get results like the Brazilian men did.

1. pick the right time
– Most threesomes in Brazil happen by accident – at a party or club, says Muller. Think of all the occasions away: vacations, short spring breaks, and wild proms. – When a woman feels she has moved away from her daily life, she is more likely to have a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, and it will be easier for her to forget her past inhibitions, Muller explains.

2 Make a choice
Younger women are more likely to participate in threesomes. Researchers at Australia’s State University found that women between the ages of 20 and 24 are more open to new sexual experiences than women aged 40 to 44.

3: Relax.
– Many women fantasize about other women or experiment with women, says Achsa Vissel, a sexual psychologist in the Netherlands. – But you need to be patient and help your partner get used to the new idea. If you already have a willing partner, let her approach another woman herself – she’ll be more gentle. Already have a couple of female friends? Steer the conversation toward sexual fantasies. – Be relaxed, talk about the topic freely, says Vissel. – Suggest and gently push them toward fulfilling the fantasy. A direct proposal will be a mistake.


Italians say they bring their partners to orgasm most often (percentage of men who say they bring women to climax every time)
1. Italy 60
2. Hungary 58
3. Philippines 54.07
7. Poland 45
World average – 43 percent.

What’s the secret

– Italians have always believed that giving pleasure proves their masculinity,” says Laura Rivolta, a psychologist at the University of Milan who specializes in sexology. – Whether it’s an Armani suit, an amazing performance at the opera, or a beautiful woman, we are a nation that appreciates and cherishes beauty.

What can you learn from Italians to make your woman happier? Let her take the lead. When she is on top, ask her to bring the bottom of her belly closer to your pubic bone. Then let her take control of the pace and depth of your thrusts. Use your hands to guide her hips if she needs that guidance. Most women will quickly achieve satisfaction in this situation. When it’s your turn to take the position on top, try this: lift your chest to her eye level and make shallow thrusts, letting the tip of your penis caress her clitoris and vulva. You’ll be touching the most sensitive part of the vagina – the first two centimeters deep – and at the same time you have the opportunity to stimulate the outer parts of the vagina, which are also important in bringing a woman to orgasm.

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