The best sex in the world – part III

About 40,000 men from 42 countries participated in the Men’s Health survey. MH readers of all countries, unite!

The best sex in the world - part III

Polish men are the most faithful. Men from Portugal have the most one-night-stand mistresses. Brazilian men participate in threesomes more often than men from other countries. Australians have made love in the most places, and Italians are the most successful at giving women orgasms – one after another. Mating rituals define a culture – they are linked by sex. What secrets do men from these countries know that you have no idea about? Read on and get to know them.


Australian men made love in the most places (percentage of men who had sex in the following places)
84.13 percent in bed
57.14 percent in a parked car
51.6 percent in a kitchen
40.67 percent in a forest
35.55 percent on a beach
31.64 percent. at the swimming pool
22.92 percent at the office
20.56 percent in a car while driving
19.89 percent in the bathroom of a club or restaurant
16.75 percent on a washing machine
9.39 percent in an elevator
9,13 percent on a roof of a building
7.09 percent in a hammock
7 percent in a gymnasium
6.47% in public transport
5.51% in a hospital
3.98% in a plane
3.17% in a cab
2,85 percent at the airport

What’s the secret

Whether they’re watching crocodile wrestling or having a big can of cold beer in front of them, Australians are recognized around the world thanks to their adventurous nature. And that reputation undoubtedly extends to sex as well. Add to their fundamentally combative nature the origin of their genes – most of the ancestors of modern Australians were criminals who were released from overcrowded English prisons in the late 18th century and transported to Australia.

“These are men who have very high levels of testosterone and dopamine in their brains,” says anthropologist Mark Fisher.Testosterone is strongly associated with sexuality, and dopamine with risk-taking, sensation-seeking and vital energy. It’s natural, therefore, for such men to want to try as many places as possible for sex.” Regardless of what the real explanation is, we know that: “Sex in public places greatly increases sexual arousal because it raises blood pressure and mind activity more,” says Dr. Janet Hall, a sex therapist from Australia. – We’re more aroused when we’re trying to make sure no one can see or hear us.” Here are some places worth trying that you’ll find around the world.

A park bench

It’s nighttime. You sit down on a bench and plant it in your lap, facing you. “It will remind you of the times when you couldn’t do it at home, so you used every place for sex,” says Mauricio Soler, a Spanish sex therapist who works with couples’ issues. – It will revive memories of passionate sex.”

Take one of these fantastic portable nylon rooms with you and get as far away from the crowd as possible. The tent will protect you from the wind with sand and provide enough intimacy to make your partner feel comfortable. If it’s dark, try moving the action to the water. “Being outdoors, in warm water, without gravity, really turns me on,” – says Sara, a 23-year-old student from Australia.

To add real spice to your sex life, make a little stop at the bank. The deposit box room is quiet, the doors are locked and there are no cameras. It’s a great place to make a deposit and a withdrawal.


Mexican men hold the record for length of bed play (length of intercourse from foreplay to finale)
1. Mexico 23.17 minutes
2. Netherlands 22.42 minutes
3. Spain 22.35 minutes
11. Poland 19.18 minutes
World average – 19.16

What’s the secret

Mexican culture is saturated with love – love for women, love for food, love for life, love for dance. Sex is a natural consequence of these loves. So it’s not surprising to see it in the bedroom. But becoming a marathon runner is not just about one night, as we learn from the Dutch, who last almost as long as the Mexicans.

“In the Netherlands, sexuality is not restricted by anything,” explains Vissel. – Here, young people are relaxed and don’t have to make love or masturbate for fear of being caught. The rush is an unknown phenomenon.” “A Hungarian proverb says: don’t paint the devil on the wall, because he will appear” (and Polish “Don’t call the wolf out of the woods”-ed.) – says Beregszaszi. What does it mean? The same part of the brain is responsible for both orgasm and for stopping it. Don’t focus on your orgasm. Better to work on your partner, sensing her reactions to your actions. “Good sex is like a trip to a faraway city,” says Beregszaszi. – You know your destination – orgasm – but you have to focus on the road ahead – a left turn here, a right turn there. If you focus on what’s happening in the moment – her silky thighs on your hips, for example – you can feel pleasure with your whole body.” And she’ll love it.

“When my boyfriend slows down, I can feel every part of his body,” says Maria, a 30-year-old receptionist from Mexico. – This allows me to focus on the feel and get right on top of it as he gets back to riding full speed.”


Where men are faithful (percentage of men who have never cheated on their women)
1. POLAND 62.4
2. Germany 61.65
3. Australia 60
World average – 50 percent.

What’s the secret

Well, finally a world victory, and not in the least important category! According to the definition of Dr. Michael Milburn from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, we have a very high level of sexual intelligence, that is the ability to control our sexuality using stability, fidelity and attachment. It seems that Polish men intuitively understand something that their Western European counterparts were made aware of only after decades of sexual revolution – that the number of sexual partners does not make a man more masculine, and a woman more feminine. According to Professor Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, it “. Fidelity is the best aphrodisiac,” and little side-jumps are not at all invigorating for relationships. We can be proud of our life wisdom.

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