The best smartphone for 6000 rubles: rating top 17 models and what to buy

Smartphones have long ceased to be a device available only to a limited number of people. Pocket gadgets have fallen markedly in price, due to which literally anyone can afford an update. And if the budget is seriously limited, it is worth looking for the best smartphone of this year for 6000 rubles. Ironically, even in such a low price category there are many interesting devices.

The best smartphones under 6,000 rubles.

Despite the fact that the top includes only the best representatives of their class, do not have false illusions about the performance and camera quality of smartphones for 6000 rubles. For gadgets this is a very low price, and therefore the devices that fit the criterion have a number of compromises, which are often not even listed as disadvantages.


Inoi 7i

Opens the rating smartphone of the Russian brand, which looks very similar to the iPhone seventh generation and tries to seem like a very unusual device.

For its price, the device has a fairly large battery. In addition, the battery is removable, so the owner will be able to easily replace the component. Alas, this is where the advantages of the phone end. Its processor is not able to provide stable operation of the interface, and the 8-megapixel camera shows itself no better than analogues with 5MP.


  • design;
  • autonomy;
  • the ability to replace the battery.


  • Very poor screen clarity;
  • weak chipset.


ZTE Blade A5 (2019)

This smartphone does not stand out much even against the representative of the brand Inoi, but at the same time it has much more balanced characteristics.

In particular, the Unisoc single-crystal system is already based on eight cores, thanks to which we can talk about some kind of stability of the shell. The screen does not disintegrate into pixels, and the camera takes good pictures. Unfortunately, it is not without flaws either, and the local battery is unlikely to always live up to the end of the day.


  • clear display;
  • photo quality;
  • compactness.


  • battery.


Huawei Y5p.

The next in the list is the device from Huawei with unimpressive, but quite decent characteristics.

First, it is worth noting right away that the Huawei Y5p is deprived of Google services, just like most of the manufacturer’s other smartphones. It will not be easy to bypass the restrictions, but whoever wants to, will definitely find a way to install YouTube or Instagram. From the pluses we should highlight the clarity of the screen and the stable operation of the interface, but the outstanding features, which provides Huawei Y5p, definitely can not be called.


  • ergonomic body;
  • screen;
  • Bluetooth 5.0.


  • No Play Market.


ZTE Blade A3 (2020) NFC

The main advantage is shown in its name. Otherwise, ZTE Blade A3 is a rather mediocre device.

The presence of NFC with the ability to make contactless payment for purchases is what makes this smartphone stand out against other ultra-budget devices. Also the screen of the device has a high pixel density. But the camera, the processor and the battery should definitely be taken to the passive of this model.


  • fits comfortably in your hand;
  • supports contactless payments;
  • has a good screen.


  • drains quickly;
  • takes bad pictures;
  • lags in the interface.


BQ 6042L Magic E.

Another model for those looking for a cheap phone with NFC support. That said, the BQ 6042L Magic E has a lot of compromises.

In contrast to the previously reviewed smartphone, there is a much more capable camera, a relatively high capacity battery and an 8-core chipset. The phone demonstrates stable operation in most applications, and among the main advantages stands out the presence of a fingerprint scanner. What’s disappointing is the screen, which is very grainy.


  • photo quality;
  • contactless payment;
  • fingerprint scanner.


  • screen pixelation.


Alcatel 1V (2020) 5007U

A rare smartphone of the Alcatel brand, which got into the rating for several reasons at once.

First, it is important to note that the model has a large screen with sufficient resolution for such a price. The camera is represented by a dual unit and takes good pictures in daylight conditions. Also, the performance does not disappoint, and in terms of autonomy Alcatel 1V is ready to give a head start to other representatives of the selection. From the frank disadvantages here is only the quality of the front.


  • rear camera;
  • the quality of the screen;
  • long works without recharging.


  • front-facing camera.


Samsung Galaxy A01

Decent device from Samsung, attracting attention to the level of performance. The processor installed here copes with most everyday tasks and does not heat up to critical temperatures.

In general, the only thing the user can complain about is the lack of NFC. In addition, some people find that 16 GB of internal memory is not enough, but in other characteristics the smartphone does not leave a chance for competitors, demonstrating a significant advantage.

On a side note. Do not confuse this model with the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, which has much less impressive parameters.


  • compact body;
  • performance;
  • camera.


  • little memory.


Nokia 1.3

A smartphone for fans of the once popular brand. Alas, the Nokia 1.3 is not the most successful model of the company, which is inferior to many representatives of the rating.

From the positive features of the model it is worth highlighting the HD-screen and pure Android as a software platform. The interface of the device is not overloaded, but the 4-core processor is difficult to cope even with light versions of applications. On top of that, the camera is not starry-eyed, and the battery only solves the problem of the minimum.


  • lightweight body;
  • IPS matrix pixel density;
  • clean Android.


  • weak processor.


Xiaomi Redmi 7A.

A balanced solution on a fairly powerful “iron”, offering users to experience a good for this price range camera and other characteristics.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi is in no hurry to introduce contactless payment in its ultra-budget models. In this respect, the Redmi 7A was no exception, but in other respects it can compete with the slightly more expensive and newer Redmi 9A. Also the phone has a high-capacity battery, withstanding a day and a half of active use, and the display with its IPS-matrix is unlikely to disappoint the owner of the device.


  • comfortable grip;
  • Power-efficient Qualcomm processor;
  • photo quality;
  • 4000 mAh battery.


  • No NFC.



Among TECNO phones there are many models of ultra-budget orientation, and POP 2S not only meets the price requirements, but also offers good performance.

The smartphone takes decent pictures in daylight, the interface does not slow down, and the screen pleases with its clarity. Another advantage of the model is the presence of a front flash, so that evening selfies were even more colorful. But since we are talking about a brand from the third echelon, the user may encounter optimization problems.


  • Screen;
  • camera;
  • modern interfaces.


  • optimization.


Jinga Picasso Note.

Smartphone from an obscure manufacturer, which is a parody of the Apple iPhone. How successful it turned out to be is up to the owner to decide.

Buying a device for 7,000 rubles in 2022, you should not expect the performance of an Apple smartphone. Here it is weak even for a budget class device. But the camera demonstrates a good result in sufficient light.


  • design;
  • photo quality;
  • NFC-chip.


  • SD screen;
  • weak “iron”.



Another smartphone from the third echelon with a 4-core processor.

This model is not distinguished by good performance, but neither to the autonomy, nor to the quality of pictures the owner should not have any complaints. The phone pays its price, and only the screen resolution seems insufficient for such a diagonal.


  • photos;
  • battery capacity;
  • pleasant design.


  • Grainy display;
  • 4-core processor.


Blackview A30

Smartphone that can please only the price, which is very far from the mark of 7 thousand rubles.

The Blackview A30 is indeed one of the most affordable devices in the selection. However, that is where its advantages end. Next comes the mundane reality of a weak chipset, a small battery and a mediocre screen. In addition, there is no 4G support, which is very bad in today’s realities.


  • miniature body made of metal;
  • appearance;
  • price.


  • autonomy;
  • performance;
  • no 4G support.


Ulefone Armor X6.

Alas, this smartphone also does not work in the fourth generation networks, but it has a number of advantages that make Ulefone Armor X6 to be considered a good purchase option.

First of all, in front of us a protected device in a shockproof case. The device is not afraid of falls and dips in water, and a high-capacity battery allows you to count on a day and a half of work without recharging.


  • large battery;
  • shockproof housing;
  • protection from moisture and dust;
  • the quality of the screen.


  • works only in 3G networks;
  • lagging shell.


Black Fox B4 NFC

A rare representative of the rating with support for contactless payments, but this is almost the only reason to note the merits of the Black Fox B4 NFC.

Frankly speaking, the brand Black Fox is not a very successful device. The device, made in an ultra-compact body, quickly loses battery power and barely copes with everyday tasks.


  • Compactness;
  • NFC support;
  • cost.


  • weak “iron”;
  • poor camera.



A representative of a much more well-known brand on a similar chipset MediaTek.

On the whole, only the speed of operation makes it hard to pick on HONOR 7A. In other parameters, the smartphone is not inferior to competitors in the ultra-budget segment, demonstrating a good quality of pictures and display pictures on the screen.


  • HD+ resolution display;
  • 13-megapixel camera;
  • Support for Google services.


  • Outdated chipset.



The selection ends with a stylish device by the brand OUKITEL.

Among the advantages, which are not available to most ultra-budget devices, here stands out the presence of a fingerprint scanner. With it you can not worry about the safety of personal information. At the same time, neither the display nor the photo quality exceeds expectations. This is just a match for the ultra-budget level without any pronounced advantages.


  • design;
  • biometric protection;
  • Bluetooth 5.0.


  • pixelated screen.


What is the best to buy

With 7000 rubles in your pocket, it is difficult to find a decent smartphone this year. Therefore, among the models that fully work off the requested amount, we can highlight only the Samsung Galaxy A11 and Redmi 7A. In other cases, you have to make compromises, which often turn out to be much more serious than distinctive features.

So, if you need a device that supports contactless payments, the most adequate option would be BQ 6042L Magic E. However, this smartphone has a frankly bad screen. A separate category of devices – protected devices. Here only one model meets the IP68 degree of protection – Ulefone Armor X6, but it has a significant disadvantage in the form of 3G networks.

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