The best smartphones under 60000 rubles: rating of the top 12 models, their descriptions

People who are used to using technology to the maximum, always choose flagship phones. But today this category of devices is so blurred in terms of price that many users are forced to overpay, without getting a significant increase in quality. Therefore, flagship enthusiasts should consider the best smartphones under 60,000 rubles to buy in 2021, rather than even more expensive models.


Honor View 20 8/256GB

One of the best Honor phones in terms of value for money in the entire line of the manufacturer.

Yes, this model came out relatively long ago, but at the same time it offers all the necessary features for 2022, and the price is pleasantly surprising. The smartphone features brisk hardware, as well as a calibrated screen and camera.


  • Performs quickly in most tasks;
  • shoots well;
  • bold design.


  • Inferior to the competition in terms of functionality.


Apple iPhone Xr 64GB

In the flagship segment, the leading role is predictably taken by Apple devices, and this model is most often chosen by those who want to save money.

In 2022 the iPhone Xr has a lot of competitors, and therefore such moments as the lack of additional camera lenses and HD screen have to be entered into the disadvantages. That said, the device is notable for its stability and quality workmanship.


  • bright colors;
  • moisture protection;
  • stability in all its manifestations.


  • HD display with large indentations;
  • camera.


Apple iPhone 12 mini 4/64,128GB

A fresh Apple model, not without its flaws.

This is the perfect phone for those who need a compact yet productive device. iPhone 12 mini quickly performs all tasks, and to the quality of the screen and mobile photography can not pick on even a critical user.


  • The display matrix;
  • photographic equipment;
  • power level.


  • Need to charge throughout the day.


OnePlus 6T 8/128GB.

A guest from the past that continues to be popular at the expense of cost.

Yes, OnePlus 6T can not offer super performance or impressive photo quality, but it copes with its task 100%. The device has no flaws, and therefore it is worth recommending for purchase.


  • AMOLED screen matrix;
  • fast chipset;
  • price.


  • No longer available.


Samsung Galaxy S10 8/128GB

Another not-so-relevant device, but from another company whose devices remain in demand for a long time.

The Galaxy S10 is an example of a device whose features focus on content creation and consumption. Yes, you can pick on the autonomy and performance of the model, but otherwise the phone looks flawless.


  • The flagship screen;
  • functional camera with optical zoom;
  • premium build.


  • Exinos processor.


Apple iPhone X 64GB

Next up on the list is the much-lauded iPhone, which was a breakthrough device in its day.

For a comparable price, it compares favorably to the Xr in camera functionality and display quality. At the same time, performance suffers a bit, and it’s not easy to find the iPhone X in a store today.


  • OLED display;
  • camera with an additional lens;
  • premium design.


  • There are only a handful of models left on sale.


OnePlus 9 Pro 8/256GB

The new OnePlus, which offers the most possible features for a low price.

The smartphone takes photos of the space level, and the battery is restored in a matter of minutes. At the same time there is criticism of the fresh Qualcomm chipset, which is not distinguished by optimization.


  • Captures video and photos perfectly;
  • Has an ultra-clear screen;
  • maximum performance for its money.


  • Processor heating.


Samsung Galaxy S10e 6/128GB

Along with the iPhone 12 mini, this model is considered one of the few compacts for 2022.

The smartphone has a good screen, a decent camera and a good battery. But all of the model’s virtues can easily be shattered by the Exinos processor.


  • compact body;
  • One of the best 60 Hz matrix;
  • always takes good pictures.


  • Exynos on board.


Xiaomi Mi 11 8/128,256GB.

Xiaomi’s new flagship with mixed specs.

The worst in this model shows the processor, as it is poorly optimized. But it is impossible to complain about the screen or the quality of assembly or photos.


  • 10-bit WQHD screen;
  • 108 megapixel sensor;
  • performance level.


  • Optimization of hardware components.


Samsung Galaxy S21 8/128,256GB

Fresh flagship device from Samsung, which has gathered a lot of criticism and positive reviews at the same time.

From the unpleasant points stands out a modest package and a plastic casing. But on the characteristics of no one questions. The phone is fast, stable and high quality.


  • Optical zoom without loss of quality;
  • Adequate Exinos processor;
  • screen with dynamic Hertzian.


  • Savings on materials and kit.


Google Pixel 5 8/128GB.

This phone will be inferior to most of the rankings in terms of performance, but will still remain desirable for Google fans.

The Pixel 5 is the phone for those who appreciate photo quality. With proprietary software, mobile photography is taken to the next level, and the display and battery life are unapologetic.


  • photo processing;
  • the ergonomics of the body;
  • software.


  • A weak processor for this price.


HUAWEI Mate 20 6/128GB

Completes the selection quite an old model from the camp of Huawei.

The smartphone has a mid-budget 2022 camera and the same quality display. However, every element of the Mate 20 is honed to perfection, which deserves respect for the developers.


  • The photo part;
  • reduced price;
  • fast SoC.


  • Mid-budget specs.


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