The Bunyadi: Here you can really strip to the bone

Later this summer, an unusual restaurant will open in London. It is supposed to be a place offering a rather uncomplicated approach to food intake and a return to the roots. Only unprocessed food, organic decor, no electricity a. clothes.

“The Bunyadi” is a place on the map of London electrified before it was even established in earnest. It is intended to be a restaurant for gourmet naturists, promoting the serving of food in rather primitive conditions.

Primitive, because the whole ceremony is to take place in an environment that lacks current achievements of civilization. There will be no electricity or gas. The food will be served on hand-made clay plates with edible cutlery. Clients will be asked to switch off their cell phones and will be allowed to leave their coats in a special room.

However, it is not all about the coat or jacket. In “The Bunyadi” it is advisable to undress to the proverbial broth. The staff will show the client a separate “private room” where he can deposit his clothes and put on a robe. It is up to the customer’s whim whether they choose to take it off or leave their body covered during the meal.

Customers will be able to choose from a vegan and non-vegan menu. Organic, preservative-free wine will serve as an after-dinner drink, and a “candlelight canopy” will take care of the atmosphere. The furniture will be wooden, of course, and the different sections of the restaurant will be separated by bamboo straw screens.

The owners plan to open the doors of their restaurant on July 11. For now, they are keeping the location of the facility a closely guarded secret. A few lucky guests have already had a chance to dine at the preview dinners. Their feedback is very complimentary.

“I felt very welcomed when I entered the unmarked building. Along with the (optional) nudity and fresh food, I was banned from using electronic devices. This allowed me to focus much better on my company and the waitress. This is a policy I would recommend to other restaurants. I have never experienced a similar experience before.” – wrote one of The Bunyadi’s first guests, Kashan Kafoor.

“The bamboo straws provided privacy. Even though I wasn’t convinced to take off my robe at first, once I walked into the dining room I immediately did. I wanted to feel natural. This is definitely an event that changed my life. And they have an excellent menu,” added James Hayes, another of the pre-event tasters.

If you like the idea and are planning to visit London in the summer, you better hurry up. The restaurant is to be open for three months only, and so far more than. 45,000 people!

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