The day with Eee PC and company – Asus Day of Technology

A computer that works 7 seconds after turning on, a scratch-resistant monitor and the world’s most popular netbook – these are just a few of the products that were showcased at the Asus Day of Technology.

Taiwan’s Asus is gearing up for a Christmas offensive. Its ammunition is expected to be new motherboards, samartphones, LCD monitors, a wide range of notebooks and a real ace up its sleeve, the Eee PC notebook. The entire range was shown at the Asus Day of Technology event.

Express Gate, or Internet without a computer

From the moment you turn on your desktop computer to launching a browser or instant messaging application, at least a dozen seconds pass. Express Gate technology, found on P45 motherboards, brings an absolute change in this regard. This patented Asus technology uses Linux to give the user a chance to use a web browser, photo viewer or instant messaging within seconds (without running Windows). We have to admit that the whole thing makes a positive impression.

Smartphone offensive

Asus attaches great importance to “smart phones”, i.e. cells designed for more advanced users. During the technology days three such models were shown – P750, P320 and M930. We’ve written about some of these smartphones before, including the P320, which is the smallest smartphone on the market.

The other two models are P750 and M930. The first is another representative of the P family, or candybar smartphones was P750 having all the necessary features for modern smartphones. The M930, on the other hand, was the only Asus smartphone presented that had a QWERTY keyboard.

As we learned at the presentation, Asus smartphones are expected to come to the offer of one of the operators. Which one? This is not yet known.

Shock-proof monitor

LCD segment is becoming more and more important for Asus. The company proudly emphasizes that it managed to take the third place in Poland. At the event Asus showed a number of LCD monitors, some of which we have already had a chance to test. The star of the day undoubtedly turned out to be the LS221H, which in addition to leather accessories has a scratch-resistant coating.

Wireless contact

Asus is not recognized as a company that produces wireless routers. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese, after the first – having some shortcomings – devices began to release quite correct devices on the market. One of the routers shown at the meeting was WL-530G-v2, which we have already tested in our service.

Mobile entertainment

Notebooks are traditionally one of the strongest points of Asus. The “Republic of Gamers” line was heavily promoted at the event, as well as notebooks designed for multimedia entertainment. The guests were able to check out M and G notebooks. The former are designed for multimedia, while the latter are aimed at gamers. We have already had a chance to test the M70 model, so all that remains is to read the review. The G70, on the other hand, allows you to perform such tricks as mounting two graphics cards and overclocking the processor on board.

Eee PC – a jewel in the crown

Fight for the end of the year

Asus has a really solid line-up prepared for the end of the year. The company’s position in the graphics card and motherboard segments will certainly be good. The question is, how much of the market will the Taiwanese gain in categories such as monitors, smartphones and laptops? Certainly – especially with the Eee PC – a lot will be said about Asus in the coming weeks. Will this help the company?

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