The eternal war of the sexes

Apparently, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. According to a recent study, the differences between the mindsets and behaviors of the two sexes are indeed large.

The eternal war of the sexes

A man and a woman forming a relationship will not avoid conflicts.

The basis of the relationship between men and women is sex. Science says that gender conflict arises when the costs and benefits of copulating with multiple partners are different for males and females. In humans, gender conflict is inevitable, according to expert findings.

According to a mid-April 2006 U.S. poll, men and women view infidelity differently. Forty-five percent of men believe that if you are in a new relationship, having regular contact with your former partner constitutes an act of infidelity. The same situation is considered infidelity by only 27 percent of women. An erotic massage by a friend of the opposite sex is considered infidelity by 45 percent of men and only 35 percent of women. As many as 50 percent of men and only 27 percent of women say infidelity was the cause of the breakup of at least one of their past relationships.

If ratings of infidelity are so different, how do the two sexes evaluate their erotic lives? A team of researchers led by Dr. Edward Laumann of the University of Chicago conducted a long-term study of the sex lives of people aged 40 to 80 in 29 countries. Published in mid-April 2006, the data – which analyzed the lives of 27,500 people from around the world – show that most people in married or long-term cohabiting relationships are sexually active in the second half of their lives. It also found that middle-aged and older men are more satisfied with their sex lives than their female peers.

It turns out that a person’s evaluation of their sex life is little affected by their age. It depends more on the culture in which a person lives. Researchers have found that physical and emotional enjoyment of sex is enjoyed by most people in Europe, North America and Australia, places where men and women are roughly equal. In contrast, in cultures of countries where male-dominated societies exist, a much smaller percentage of both sexes find their sex lives successful. This is mainly the case in China, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Despite cultural differences, it has been found time after time that mature men are more satisfied with their sex lives than their female peers.

Analysis by U.S. experts shows that men are more eager than women to flirt in the workplace. Data published in early April 2006 shows that as many as 92 percent of men are attracted to attractive female co-workers and 36 percent lust after their boss. In contrast, 57 percent of women show a sexual interest in their boss or colleague. At the same time, 25 percent. Men and as many as 81% of women recall with disgust attempts at flirting made by female colleagues in the workplace.

An attractive man attracts women’s attention, but most women can control their emotions. When it comes to men, it’s a different story. At the end of April 2006, Dr. Bram Van den Bergh and Dr. Siegfried Dewitte, economists at the Belgian University of Leuven, found that men with high testosterone levels, i.e. supersexuals, lose their minds at the sight of a beautiful, naked woman.

The Belgian researchers based their experiment on gambling – a game of real, but not high stakes, testing about 200 randomly selected men. During the game they suggested to the men pictures of sexy ladies in bikinis. The hardest gamblers, of course, were men with high testosterone levels. However, if they saw images of models in bikinis, they settled for smaller winnings. Men with lower testosterone levels were less impressed by the sight of half-naked female bodies and played along in typical ways. Experts from the University of Leuven assume that the sight of a potentially attractive female partner makes super men more sensitive. They choose a low but more certain return rather than risking a high-stakes game with the risk of losing completely.

A study conducted by Dr. William Rice and Dr. Adam K. Chippindale of the University of California at Santa Barbara indicate that sexual reproduction is best because it ensures rapid spread of genetic variation. This creates a greater chance of producing offspring that are better adapted to the environment. Thus, humanity will not avoid a state of bisexuality. We can console ourselves with the fact that other species have it worse. As a team of American scientists found in January 2006, some species of water beetles have two varieties of females. It’s no longer two, but three sexes, which means more reasons than men for infidelity.

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