The fastest ad-free android browser – looking for the best one

Легкие и быстрые браузеры для андроид без рекламы
Easy and fast browsers for android without ads

You can’t do without cell phone or fancy tablet these days, and many people choose a well-known operating system and look for the fastest browser for Android. Is there a really easy browser without ads among a huge selection, how to find it among others? What data will the statistics show for 2020?

Why do I need a lightweight browser?

A modern browser must meet certain criteria: the user-friendliness of the user interface, the range of functionalities, performance (speed), memory consumption. Recently we tested the best browsers for androidwith functionality in mind. But sites on the Internet are overloaded with ads and graphics, and sometimes it is extremely important to save smartphone resources and traffic. How to choose the easiest and fastest browser for Android, see our rating.

Google Chrome

Mobile Browser Google Chrome

According to 2020 user surveys, the best browser for Android is Google Chrome. It’s hard to call it perfect, but it has quite balanced functionality and interface. Chrome knows how to synchronize bookmarks, passwords, browsing history of other sites, and it compresses traffic well. A distinctive feature is the ability to translate sites from foreign languages. All saved data can be viewed from any device, the main thing is to have a Google account, which is very convenient. Good speed of data transfer.

Disadvantages: the browser consumes a very large reserve of RAM and computing power. You can often notice crashes and lags.

Opera Mini is less popular, but very effective when the Internet is poor. It can do a great job of compressing traffic: 90%, by

One of the most popular Android software

compared to Chrome, which has a 50% limit. This browser has first place rendering of sites of any “severity”, even if the tablet has a weak processor.

Convenient interface includes a control panel, which is located at the bottom of the window itself. There is a manager of downloads files from the Internet. Very often Opera does not display advertising banners from Google, which is a plus.

Disadvantages: There are sites that Opera can not display correctly, this is due to failures during the rendering of the web page. This is the price for excellent traffic compression. Since 2014, the company has been trying to combat this problem.

UC Browser.

UC Browser can rightfully be called the most equipped and armed. It has a number of useful features:

  1. Night view mode. An interesting feature for users who often spend time on the Internet at night.
  2. Built-in zooming and scrolling buttons.
  3. Ability to view web pages in full screen mode.
  4. There is a convenient download manager.
  5. It is possible to work in “Text files only” mode.
  6. Blocks unnecessary ads (more and more ads in 2014).
  7. Allows you to take a screenshot of the selected area of the screen.

UC browser has an excellent data transfer speed, high quality of displayed pictures. If you install a special extension, it is possible to control the functions using gestures.

Disadvantages: It is difficult for beginners to immediately understand the controls. Many users just do not need all this set of functions. For those who are only interested in browsing, a simpler browser is more suitable.

Some great alternatives are

Dolphin Browser – A great browser! It’s been around since the days of the OS. Competitors have squeezed it out, but Dolphin still has a couple of interesting features. It is almost the only browser that can play Flash files, guarantees quality and fast control using gestures.

Your optimal choice for androidDisadvantages: Very unmodern design and appearance. Do not support the function of blocking ads.

AOPS is the fastest browser, among the presented. It is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons, its interface is simple and easy to use. It can load even the most “heavy” web pages, knows how to scale text data accurately so that they occupy all the space on the screen. It is at its best even with weak processors.

Its disadvantages are that it crashes if you use it for a long time.

The next very popular browser that firmly holds its position is Firefox. Yes, it is inferior to the leading “giants” in terms of speed, but it has a set of just the right features:

  1. A lot of extensions, the ability to switch to read mode.
  2. You can save the pages you want, so you can read them later in offline mode.
  3. Built-in Download Manager.
  4. Web pages can be saved in a PDF file.
  5. The ability to perform synchronization.

Disadvantages: sometimes slowly loads pages.

Video review

Not very famous, but a good enough browser for browsing “light” pages – Next Browser. The interface is pleasing to the eye, beautiful colors, but at the same time everything is made quite simple.

The disadvantages: there are problems when loading pages and surfing.

CM Browser – is a new browser, but it is already showing good results. It still has some way to go, but the interface is very pleasing to the eye: everything you need and nothing extra.

It has a bit of a lag when loading large sites.

Some people think that DuckDuckgo is the fastest and easiest for android.

Table of consumption of smartphone resources by browsers

Browser consumption table of smartphone resources

In order not to wonder, it is worth choosing one of the options, start testing it yourself and decide which of the presented browsers is the fastest, lightest and most economical for android.

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