The five most common causes of smartphone damage

Most of us can’t imagine life without a smartphone. Phones have become our personal command center and assistant at the same time, which is used for communication, work and entertainment. Damage to a smartphone means having to part with it for days, and often a substantial expense. Here are the five most common causes of smartphone damage. How do you avoid them?

Damaged charging socket

Next on our list is a damaged charging socket. This mechanical failure, unlike a fall, occurs due to material fatigue. At some point, the user realizes that the charger plug moves rather loosely in the socket and the battery is not always easy to charge. By then it is too late. It’s only a matter of time until the smartphone stops charging and needs to be repaired.

To avoid this problem, handle the plug and socket very gently. All vigorous movements and sudden jerks are undesirable. Modern smartphones charge for only an hour, so it is advisable to take care of other activities during this time.

Mechanical damage caused by falls

Falls can be very painful – in the case of smartphones, especially for our wallets. Some phone models are extremely fragile. The times of armored “bricks”, which were able to withstand in the best condition many a collision with the ground are long gone. Today, the display is particularly sensitive – one fall is enough to make it necessary to replace it.

How to prevent this from happening? It is best to safely assume that sooner or later the device will slip from the user’s hand and protect it in advance with an appropriate case or protective glass.

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Charging problems after using non-original charger

Manufacturers attach to each smartphone a charger dedicated to the model. Unfortunately, the original accessories often get lost and sometimes damaged. It is also not uncommon to forget about them when traveling. Then a tempting prospect seems to be to use a cheaper substitute. Is it a good idea? Not necessarily.

Most often the phone simply charges slower or the accessory is not supported at all, but it happens that less protected components cause a short circuit that is dangerous for both the device and the user. It is also worth remembering that any damage caused by the use of non-original accessories will not be covered by the warranty, and their repair can be very expensive.

The prescription is simple – non-original replacements should be avoided at all costs.

Battery damage through improper use

Some smartphone users notice that after some time their devices work on a single charge less and less. Of course, every battery has a certain lifespan, but a battery should not lose its properties after a few months. How to avoid a decrease in battery performance?

First of all, modern batteries do not tolerate extreme temperatures well. Therefore, a smartphone should not be kept outdoors for a long time during bitterly cold weather, as well as in summer or during exotic vacations, exposing it to sunlight. It is also worth remembering that bad effect on the battery in smartphones has both the total discharge, as well as regular charging to 100%.

The best solution is to charge it to a level of 30-90%, so that the battery will retain its high performance for a long time. It is also good to reach for smartphones that have a fast charging function.

Flooding of the phone

Although many modern phones have a certain level of water resistance, this does not always fully protect the equipment. Interestingly enough, smartphones most often end up in the toilet bowl or bathtub when exposed to water, although these situations may seem absurd. With a bit of bad luck, the device can also be damaged when used during heavy rainfall or even in humid conditions.

Many people can not imagine parting with the phone in the toilet and bathroom, but it is important to be in this situation and extra caution. Spontaneous bathing in a body of water should also not take place without first emptying your pockets. When the rain is pouring down from the sky, it is important to protect your phone even when it is resting in your pocket – especially if it does not have an additional case.

When choosing a smartphone model, you should also pay attention to its dust and water resistance class. However, not all of them will protect the phone from rain or other instances of contact with water, so it’s a good idea to do thorough research before you buy.

Our smartphones and the information stored on them are too valuable to be damaged by carelessness or bad habits. Make sure your phone is properly protected to prevent serious malfunctions.

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