The flashlight does not work on Android: the reasons why it does not turn on and what to do

When using gadgets, users are often faced with all kinds of malfunctions. If the flashlight functionality does not work on the Android phone, it is necessary to find out the cause of the problem and, depending on this, take certain measures to fix the problem. Some of them can be eliminated on their own, without resorting to a specialized service.

Causes of the problem

If the function does not work, it is necessary to determine the cause.


The user needs to pay attention to some nuances in the operation of the device:

  • does not immediately trigger the flash at startup;
  • When turning on the flashlight in previous cases, a decrease in brightness is noticed;
  • physical malfunction of parts;
  • discharged battery of the gadget;
  • when activating noticed a delay in turning on the backlight.

Warning. Sometimes the flashlight and other items stop working due to an operating system failure. You need to install an antivirus protection application and run regular checks on your device.


What to do if the flashlight does not turn on

First of all, you need to check the technical serviceability of the external elements – there are no chips, cracks and other damages on the phone. If the cause is not found, you can conduct an initial diagnosis of the state of the device. Possible steps of action:

  • rebooting the gadget (this way solves most of the problems caused by an ordinary OS failure);
  • Charging the phone (you need to leave the device connected for at least two hours);
  • check the last installed applications (if previously the flashlight worked without problems, it is worth trying to remove the program and check the functionality of the mechanism);
  • check the keyboard activity (in some cases, the flashlight does not start due to incorrect operation of the sensor).

The specified actions are simple, suitable for checking even for novice users. You don’t need to take your phone to the service.


Third-party applications

If the above instructions did not solve the problem, and it was not possible to determine the cause of the problem, you can try third-party programs. The following services are often used:

  • LED Flashlight – a multifunctional application with an uncomplicated to understand interface; for illumination uses the functionality of the flash or the monitor of the mobile device; there are three possible options for the program, you can also set a timer to automatically turn off the option at a suitable time.
  • Tiny Flashlight – the software is offered on a free basis, with which you can run the standard option or additional sources. Attention! This program is not difficult to understand even novice users. The interface is clear and multifunctional, the download is available in the “Play Market” store.
  • LED Flashlight HD is a program that is also distributed for free, in addition to the main purpose (lighting with a separate signal lamp) you can configure the possibility of sound accompaniment; an additional advantage is a configurable timer for automatic shutdown.


The above applications are considered the most popular, but the user can also choose other programs. The user need only go to the store and type “flashlight” in the search box. A list of possible options will be displayed on the monitor. Then it is worth reading the reviews, ratings and descriptions of the software.

If the flashlight mode does not run on your Android phone, you should familiarize yourself with the causes of the malfunction and options for fixing the problem. The given instructions are uncomplicated, certain instructions and studying the steps of action will do the job.

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