The Guy Test: Braun Series 3 shaver – simple, but effective

In our pages you could read reviews of several models of the German manufacturer. Braun Series 3 is the youngest member of the “beard tamers” family. In this case, the youngest does not mean the weakest.

Series 3 is one of the most basic proposals in the portfolio of the company from across the Oder. Simple construction, minimalistic design and only one button. The simpler, the better? It turns out that yes!

Beard devourer

Series 3 is “small but crazy”. It may not feel like pulling itself out of your hands when you turn it on, but its relatively small head packs plenty of power.

For everyday shaving, it does a great job of devouring stubble at lightning speed – without irritating your skin! The SenseFoil metal mesh makes sure that the blades don’t come in direct contact with the skin.In other words, redness takes a lot of effort.

I also praise the fact that the shaver itself does not heat up. Even a few minutes of shaving a three-day beard did not significantly increase the temperature of the metal components. So you can shave without interruption. (also read: Braun CoolTec – test of the “space” shaver)

For an ordinary morning shave, one stroke is usually enough to make the beard disappear. Touch-ups are actually only necessary for neck areas, which even the more expensive models struggle with. But the Series 3 doesn’t stand a chance. Its head has as many as three movable cutting elements and thanks to this it adapts really well to the shape of the face. (also read: Braun S9 – a shave you don’t feel)

At this point, it is worth noting that the shaver can be shaved both macro and dry. After a test that lasted over a week, I find that the device works a little better without water. However, this doesn’t mean that those who are used to fighting their beards with H2O should change their habits. In fact, Series 3 works just fine in the shower.

Battery life is also a plus. The gadget comes with two rechargeable batteries. At the time of this writing, I still haven’t drained the shaver “to zero”. I’ll add that I used it every day. In the manual you can read about an interesting option, namely quick charging. Just 5 plug in the equipment for just 5 minutes, which is enough for one shave. Honestly, I wasn’t able to test this in practice – the shaver’s LED still lights up green!

I was surprised, however, by the absence of a trimmer. This one was, after all, an integral part of the 2015 Series 3 model. (check our test of the mentioned model) In its refreshed version it is unfortunately missing. The same goes for the ability to lock one of the cutting elements, which was offered by “older brother”.

I recommend the new Series 3 primarily to those who are thinking of buying a new shaver and want a simple, reliable equipment. This model will take care of stubble “to zero,” but when thinking about styling it, you should think about a model with a little more tricks in store. Nevertheless, at a price range of 250 – 270 PLN, it is in vain to look for something better. Recommended!

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