The Guy Test: Crivit – running shoes and functional clothing from Lidl

151 PLN – that’s the total cost of the Crivit gear we received from Lidl for testing. Is a set completed for less than a pair of running shoes suitable for anything at all? You’ll be very surprised!

Backpack – PLN 39.99

We start untypically, because with the backpack, in which we took all the components of our kit. Features? Lightweight construction, bright color (more subdued variants are also available) and a rain cover hidden in the lower part. “The satchel” has a capacity of 8.5 liters.

This is enough to accommodate running shoes and a T-shirt and shorts. It is equipped with a system allowing to “install” a reservoir with a drinking tube in it, as well as straps, thanks to which we can adjust the backpack to our silhouette. We would like to point out that the latter will be difficult for very slim people. It will be necessary to give up fastening the lap belt, or the chest belt. Other than this sketch, we have no further concerns.

Shorts – PLN 24.99.

Loose and minimalistic cut. We do not have to particularly dwell on the shorts, because they simply fulfill their function well. Due to the fact that the test training took place at quite low – by summer standards – temperature, we cannot say whether the material from which they are made is “breathable”.

However, we praise the possibility of adjusting the elastic waistband. In contrast to the backpack, the shorts will fit anyone. Thus, the XL size can be easily reduced even to the “emka” size.

T-shirt – PLN 19.99

The gray has been broken with black dots arranged in a triangle-like shape spanning almost the entire chest. Thanks to this, the design is not boring, but at the same time it is not too gaudy. We like it. We won’t write a bad word about the texture of the material from which the t-shirt was made. It is far from being artificial – and very good! Noteworthy is also the invisible presence of reflective elements, which are interestingly integrated into the design.

Shoes – PLN 66

At the very end, we left the most important – and the most expensive – part of the set, that is the shoes. The manufacturer assures that they are “breathable, shock absorbing and durable”. After short, but intensive tests, we can confirm that these are not idle boasts. The shoes are adequately soft. Your feet feel really good in them – forget about the fact that something might sting or squash you. Not in this case.

After a few kilometers of running we were completely satisfied with them. We can recommend them to people who are just starting their adventure with jogging. Veterans may find them too clumsy and a bit too heavy. Their design is also not very impressive. These are worth the price, but don’t kid yourself that they will impress anyone. We regret that they do not look as good as the T-shirt.

151 PLN is not an exorbitant amount for a set that will meet the requirements of all those who are just starting their adventure with running or want to work on their form during the vacations. You will not overpay, and you can trust the equipment that will end up in your hands. Only after you persevere in your resolutions, you should think about gadgets from a higher price range.

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