The Guy Test: New Menu at Bobby Burger

If the menu at Bobby Burger is changing and “trouble” and “death” reign among the new sandwiches, know that something is going on! We took a trip to Poland’s largest burger chain to see what’s new on offer.

The Bobby Burger crew abhors boredom. The chain’s owner himself, Bogumil Jankiewicz, recently tried to prove to the world that he could lose 20 pounds in two months on a burger diet. Did he succeed? Well, almost – because he lost 17 kilos. And in the meantime, he introduced a new menu to his restaurants.

A menu for which we received a blank cheque, or simply put – we could order anything we wanted from the new menu in our local restaurant. We took advantage of the invitation, of course, because it would be a sin to refuse. Since we dined in an editorial duo, two burger reviews will appear in the text.


When the day of great food in Nowa Huta came (we visited a place on Andersa Avenue in Krakow), it was tropical summer, so I ordered a lemonade first. One would like to say traditional American, but it tasted like any other. Just right as a low-calorie addition to a huge burger. I always have a guilty conscience after a Coke and its derivatives.

The new menu quickly caught my eye: Quesadilla and Wrap. But after a brief consideration I dismissed the idea and decided to bet on a decent burger feast.

Double Death – this name seemed to correspond best with my hunger, so I chose a sandwich with a suggestive name “Double Death by Cheese”. The brioche bun, double beef, vegetables, honey dijon sauce, gouda, cheddar and double American cheese promised much. Plus, as a fan of good pizza, the excess cheese didn’t scare me.

Hast-prast and the burger arrived at my table. It really took less time to prepare than I could have expected and after a while I enjoyed the sight of the metal baking tray being slid under my nose. My first impression? You’d never guess. The weight of the sandwich. This bun filled with meat, cheese and sauce must have weighed a kilo.

But since I was hungry, or rather hungry, I started to eat “Double Death”. Meat – as it is in BB – deliciously fried and of excellent quality, and fresh vegetables in the right amount. However, it was difficult for me to sense the individual kinds of cheese as the cheese tongue poured out of the sandwich and merged into one whole.

If I had to complain about something, it was the honey dijon sauce which was a bit too dominant over the whole, but maybe it would be enough to add a bit less of it to get the perfect composition.

Believe it or not, but after eating Double Death By Cheese I lost my desire for other items from the menu. I ate so much that I wasn’t even able to squeeze in a dinner that day. The burger did the job and if I spent 22 PLN on it, I would be extremely satisfied.


The appetizer to the burger I ordered was kale soup with croutons served in a cardboard bowl. The green specialty smelled fresh. It may not have tasted outstanding but it successfully whetted my appetite for the main course. It is important to remember that it is only a side dish. After all, you go to Bobby Burger for the “bun,” not the soup.

From the menu I chose the trouble, or “Double Trouble With Bacon”. The huge (really!) burger consisted of a brioche bun, a double portion of beef, triple the bacon and some veggies. The whole thing was seasoned with cola BBQ sauce and red onion jam. A great combination, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it due to the size. Fortunately I was wrong.

The burger caresses the sense of taste from the first bite. All its ingredients make their presence felt, but at the same time none of them comes to the fore. This is what we used to call harmony of taste. The whole is not too spicy, but has a distinct flavor note. Both additions in the form of bacon, which is sufficiently abundant, and the aforementioned sauces, without which the whole thing would lose a lot of its charm, work well.

The double portion of beef is also important. “Double Trouble” is something for really huge hunger. If you come to the restaurant with your guts marching, you should order this burger. I guarantee that after eating it you will not take anything into your mouth for a good few hours. After eating the last piece you may think that you still have some room for a snack. Nothing could be further from the truth. A few minutes later you will feel really full. It’s a bomb with a delayed ignition.

The set that ended up on my plate also included breaded onion rings. I have to admit that I liked this addition much more than the soup. Especially when paired with the BBQ sauce.

We do not remember any more sins, because we could not eat more. However, what landed in our stomachs satisfied our hunger for many, many hours. We will probably also visit Bobby’s off duty, because the food served there is really high quality.

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