The magnet that lifts an aircraft carrier has appeared in Europe’s ITER artificial sun [VIDEO].

Scientists have been waiting for this big moment for 15 years, ever since Europe’s historic ITER energy project was given the green light to build. The future is happening right before our eyes.

The magnet that lifts an aircraft carrier has appeared in Europe's ITER artificial sun [VIDEO].

Some very positive news is coming to us from France. Engineers have not only succeeded in producing powerful magnets (20 meters high and over 4 meters in diameter), but also in installing the first of them. These are the most important elements of the fusion reactor. To give you an idea of how powerful these magnets are, just add that one of them is easily capable of creating a magnetic field capable of lifting an aircraft carrier.

The ITER project involves 35 countries of the world, including Poland. The investment is budgeted at 20 billion euros and will be the third most expensive investment in building the most advanced device in human history after the International Space Station and the Large Hadron Collider. The fusion reactor is being built at the Cadarache research center in southern France.

The fusion reactor is expected to provide all of Europe with an unlimited source of energy for continued rapid development and space conquest. This should come as no surprise, as European countries want to become world pioneers in this matter. The country that first masters the essence of nuclear fusion and obtains a large positive energy balance in its artificial sun will secure a powerful development for decades, and may even take over the world.

It may sound scary, but the reality is that humanity is at war with each other over access to energy sources like oil, gas and coal. Fusion reactors are to allow countries possessing them to produce cheap and fully environmentally friendly energy for development, which beats in terms of efficiency not only fossil fuels but also technologies of obtaining energy from renewable sources.

It should be strongly emphasized that Poles have played a major role in the construction of ITER for more than 10 years. Scientists from the Technical University of Lodz develop instrumentation and control subsystems IC (Instrumentation and Control). They are to ensure stable tokamak control, plasma diagnostics and physical tests. The Polish Academy of Sciences is also involved in the project. In total, 2,500 scientists from many European countries are working on ITER.

A fusion reaction is a phenomenon in which two lighter atomic nuclei merge into nuclei of heavier elements. The fusion is accompanied by the release of huge amounts of energy. It is the utilization of this powerful energy that is the goal of many countries. It should be emphasized here that such reactors are completely safe. Unlike nuclear reactors, in the former the elements are combined, not broken down. Hydrogen nuclei combine to form heavier isotopes: deuterium and tritium, and then helium. At the same time, an unimaginable amount of energy is emitted. Just one glass of water will produce as much energy as half a million barrels of oil.

To be able to fuse at all, the particles must be tamed in a strong magnetic field and at high temperature. European scientists intend to obtain in their ITER reactor for the first time in history a positive balance of energy, at a temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius, in the early 2030s. Faster, as soon as 5 years from now, will be the start of the device. Although this fusion reactor will be the largest of its kind in the world, it is no secret here that the pioneers in this matter are and will be the Chinese, who will have a working artificial sun in just 3 years.

Fusion reactions are currently being carried out in many research centers around the world. Unfortunately, the problem is the fact of maintaining the reaction for a longer time and getting a positive energy balance. Thus, the reactor should produce more energy than will be supplied to it. So far, no country in the world has managed to achieve this and it will still remain so for many years.

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