The meter is beeping. How many men have slept with your girlfriend?

Many men wonder how many lovers their current partner has had before. For what reason are we attracted to such knowledge? Journalists from the portals “AskMen and the monthly magazine “Cosmopolitan” decided to check it.

Journalists of both titles decided to check when and for what reasons we consider women and men as debauchees and hedonists. A total of over 95,000 people were interviewed, including as many as 70,000 men. What did they find?

The most important conclusion that was drawn from the research concerns women. Surprisingly, they are more forgiving than men and do not resent more former lovers of their current men. Similarly, the issue is with a woman’s reputation after exceeding a certain number of lovers. Women consider the number of 20 lovers to be the limit beyond which a lady can be considered very debauched. Unfortunately, the age frame was not specified. 20 lovers in a 22-year-old and 20 lovers in a 50-year-old looks a little different.

The ladies have looked at us similarly. They think that as long as we don’t exceed the number of 23 lovers, we have nothing to worry about. However, we already have quite a different opinion about the virtue of ladies.

According to a survey of the portal “AskMen” we think that women who exceed the number of 10 lovers are already debauched and it is better not to deal with them, because they are not suitable for a long-term relationship. That is why when we receive such information we often withdraw from a longer relationship and hope only for a night out.

Checking the meter

However, the study can’t really be considered reliable, because as the researchers noted, as many as 49 percent of men admit to overstating the number of partners, while 32 percent of women understate it to avoid appearing too easy to get.

The reason for this in men is an attempt to boost their ego and self-confidence. Women, on the other hand, want to appear decent and orderly, so they underestimate the number of sexual adventures.

Another important issue is men’s concern about their masculinity. They want to prove that they have the skills and experience to meet a woman’s demands, especially if she talks about a large number of sexual partners and we have barely slept with a few.


If we know that almost half of the respondents lie about the actual number of partners, why do we need to know? First of all, we do it through simple human curiosity. Secondly, it is to prove that we are honest with ourselves in a relationship. Unfortunately, according to scientists, this is not the case. Knowing the number of lovers of our partner often makes us bewildered and disappointed, and the number of partners itself is cited during arguments.

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