“The Restless Dead” – inspired by the macabre of Corpse Farm

British author Simon Beckett has just released his next book, “The Restless Dead.” “You can find a lot of macabre elements in my books,” – he confesses, revealing what inspired him to write sensational novels.

Do you represent a new trend in the thriller novel, based on the secrets of the workshop of an anthropologist, a forensic specialist like your protagonist, David Hunter? Like the protagonists of the series “Criminal Mysteries. ” you are not afraid of literalness in describing the work of such a specialist.

Simon Beckett: Indeed, you can find a lot of macabre elements in my books, but I don’t watch TV series and I don’t read books of that kind. The idea came from a visit I made to the Body Farm in the United States in 2002. I wanted to write then. To write a thriller that would scare people, that would be exciting. So I combined that experience at the Corpse Farm, what I saw there, with my desire to write that kind of book that would be dramatic and original. I don’t follow any current trends, I try to write good books so that each book has an interesting story. I also try to make my books different from typical stories. There is no point in following trends, following fads. It’s much better to follow your own path.

The reader reads something that scares them and at the same time they can’t tear themselves away from reading. Is that what you had in mind when you wrote The Restless Dead?

– Yes. That’s what I wanted. When I read books myself I also want to be creeped out and I also want to feel drawn into the book. I want readers to feel that tension, but at the same time, I want them to have fun and I want them to enjoy reading the book so they can’t put it down. And if it succeeds, I feel I’ve done my job well.

Coincidence is important in your novels. It is not uncommon for your characters, for example, David Hunter to come upon some important evidence by chance.

– Indeed, coincidence is important. When I write books about David Hunter, I try to introduce elements of chance. It is often the case that David Hunter finds something and at first it does not occur to him what he has found, what it means. It is one thing for Hunter to be in the right place at the right time. But it is a separate matter for him to recognize and figure out what he has seen. The whole trick is to make it look natural and make it seem like the story is going on and one thing follows from another.

It’s impossible not to ask about the romantic, romance thread. The love story involving David Hunter begins, but ends not as we would expect. Will readers not feel disappointed?

– Indeed, I didn’t want to do such a typical happy ending, I prefer when books end in a not-so-obvious way. Where there are still some questions left unanswered. But, by my standards, it was a pretty happy ending.

Let’s go back for a moment to the question of crime scene investigation. Where do you get this knowledge, which is fairly complete. Did you need a search in libraries, perhaps you have friends in the field?

– It all started with that Corpse Farm, which made a huge impression on me. But later, for subsequent books I needed more information. I have forensic expert friends that I consult with. They spend a lot of time with me because I ask them very strange questions. And for simpler questions I just look in different books. And since I’m not a forensic anthropologist myself, I’m happy to have the opportunity to talk to experts. I think it does books a lot of good.

Every journalist dreams of writing a book. Is this a dream come true for you too?

– Yes, it was indeed something of a dream come true. When I started writing, I was working as a journalist, a freelance journalist, because back then no one wanted to publish my books. Later, I found that the two things of being a journalist and being a writer worked very well together. The discipline of being a journalist helped me as a writer. Also, as a journalist accustomed to doing research, I used that skill in my work as a writer. If I hadn’t worked as a journalist, I never would have gone to that Corpse Farm and, consequently, never would have come up with the idea of writing the David Hunter books.

I know you’re already writing the next story in the Hunter series. Can you give away any more secrets about what it’s going to be about?

– I won’t reveal that, I never do until the book is written.

D. Kieras, PAP Life

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