The season for new relationships

Did you know that we don’t actually decide who we fall in love with? Find out why warm days are conducive to new relationships and why we’re actually attractive.

The season for new relationships

Our mood definitely improves in spring, and the vision of approaching summer is conducive to new relationships.

American research shows that it is with the beginning of spring that we most often think about starting a romance and are more willing to open up to new acquaintances. Why? Along with the arrival of longer days there is a growing desire for long walks, active rest and evenings under the stars. Our positive mood is definitely influenced by strong sunlight, which undoubtedly gives us energy. We feel beautiful and young, which facilitates relationships with a partner and supports the process of “falling in love”.

It’s all about chemistry

It is worth noting that numerous spring romances have their origin in. chemical compounds that our body secretes. The human body emits pheromones that stimulate sexual responses in other people. As a result, although we are not fully aware of it, we choose a partner based on his scent. In spring, when the days are longer and definitely warmer, our body emits more pheromones, which increases the desire for sex, for example. We are more relaxed, more often smile, which positively affects our attractiveness.

Just as in the case of plants and animals, in spring the human body also somehow wakes up from winter sleep. The biochemical processes taking place in the body at that time have a huge impact on our behaviour, and it is these processes that make us more likely to date in April than, for example, in November.

Where does this interest come from?

– The human body is constantly undergoing different biochemical reactions. When we fall in love, the limbic system increases levels of dopamine, a neurotransporter responsible for emotional processes and higher mental activities. Its high level causes contentment, or a sudden surge of energy – explains Wiktor Koszycki, a customer advisor from the website – At the same time pheromones secreted by the body, sending signals about our readiness for sex, stimulate the intimate area of the opposite sex. It is thanks to them that the partner becomes interested in us – he adds.

If after a long and cold winter we feel tired, and our sexual activity is definitely lower than a few months ago, the best solution seems to be a long walk in the sun, in the company of a loved one. Warm days improve mood, and sun rays give energy. That sunshine will be more numerous by the day, so if we haven’t met that loved one yet, perhaps it’s worth taking advantage of the long days and seeing where our infallible sense of smell will lead us?

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