The system can not find the specified path, the torrent does not download


Let’s not hide, most of us actively use torrent clients to download movies, software and other content from “banned” sites. I’m not going to blame anyone, on the contrary, I intend to help you eliminate the error “the system can not find the specified path, the torrent can not be downloaded” – what to do in this situation?

Why does the error appear?

Most often the reason is:

  • Definition as a folder for downloading a non-existent directory;
  • A directory for downloading is changed (renamed) manually or by software means;
  • The path is too long. In Windows system, the name is allowed to be no longer than 255 characters, taking the file name into account.

As you can see, nothing critical, no viruses. Therefore, fixing the problem comes down to the simple actions described in the next part of this article.

Remove the

Ways to fix it

Why in the torrent writes “The system cannot find the specified path (Write to Disk) error” we have figured out. Now for solutions.

  • Try to reassign the folder for downloads. To do this, open the list of torrents and click on the desired one with the right mouse button. Select “Advanced” in the menu, then “Set Download Location…”. (Download Location:)
Specific torrent download folder
  • That brings up the explorer, so go to the directory you want, then click “Select Folder:
Selecting a folder in torrent explorer

Try to start the download – the error should go away. If it does not, try reducing the nesting of your download directory. For example, if you have:


then change it to something shorter, like:

D:\Download \.

It is one thing if the system fails to find the specified path and one torrent fails to download. If the problem is global and applies to all downloads through the torrent client, you should check the parameters of the application itself. Most likely, the wrong location for downloading is prescribed there.

  • On the top left click on the link “Settings” and select the item shown in the screenshot below:
Torrent client settings menu
  • The same effect can be achieved by pressing Ctrl + P .
  • In the new window, go to the “Folders” tab and uncheck all the checkboxes to be like in my example:
Folders for downloading files
  • If you have everything blank, try assigning actual paths in the “Put downloaded files in…” and “Save to…” fields below.
  • Fix the changes by clicking on “OK” and check if the error is corrected.

If trying to specify the location of downloads, the system does not allow you to make changes, then close the application completely (not only the main window, but also remove the icon from the notification area):

Close the torrent client completely

Then run the program as administrator:

Launch the application as an administrator

Now try again with the above steps. After that, the notification “the system cannot find the specified path” when the torrent is not downloading – will be eliminated.

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