The WiFi Map app for Android will provide you with free Internet

Sometimes there is no possibility to use the mobile Internet (you have run out of traffic limit, no money on your account), but you need to get access to the network. How to do it for free? Of course, by means of a WiFi connection. But because most points are password-protected, wasting time looking for “free” – is not an option. Then install this application on your smartphone!

How to distribute Wifi from your phone

WiFi Map

Recently we told you that you should not download utilities to your phone to crack passwords from other people’s “wi-fi”, because such software poses a threat to your gadget.

WiFi Map does not belong to this category of software. A group of enthusiastic developers created the application to make it easier to find free wi-fi in any country in the world. Now there are more than 100 million points in the database – and not only in large cities, but also in small settlements.

After installation, you need to turn on geolocation to determine your current location. Then a map showing the nearest “Internet freeloader” is downloaded.

Wifi hotspot map

Selecting one of the items, you can view a page with detailed information – the name of the point, the password to it.

wifi password

If you see the “Unblock” button – do not be frightened. Just the creators of the program want to show you a little in front, and then the code will be displayed.

Yes, showing ads in Wifi Map is a significant disadvantage. But if you buy a premium version for 20 dollars a year, you can remove annoying ads, and even the ability to view offline unblock. But even without that you can safely use the software.

By the way, there is a button available to filter by speed and relevance, and next to it is an icon responsible for updating the databases.

Movie on speed and relevance for wifi access

It’s kind of a social network where people share free access, posting passwords to their wireless connections. And sometimes other people’s, too. For example, were visiting someone, asked for a code, and then added it to the Wifi Map. Therefore, not all content is 100% verified, because people can change their connection ifnos, and this will not be reflected in the utility.

Nevertheless, the map shows a lot of public places – cafes, pizzerias, salons, supermarkets, shopping malls – where you can connect to the network for free.

And another handy trick – really share on Facebook and other social networks. That way you can help others save time searching and help in a difficult situation.

In terms of functionality – WiFi Map is a great tool for travelers and freeloaders. But you have to put up with a lot of advertising. But there’s nothing wrong with that, because we only need to find the nearest “wi-fi feeder” and find out the code. During this time, a maximum of 2-3 banners will see in the application window.

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