They meant death. Disturbing sounds of war

When they reached the ears of the population, they could expect the worst. We listen to the most terrifying sounds recorded during armed conflicts.

The video of the youtuber hiding under the pseudonym Dark 5 already has nearly 3 million views. The sounds included in it are decades old and we can only hope that we will never hear them live.

1. V1 – Flying bomb

The German cruise missile was equipped with a pulse engine that produced a buzzing sound. Launched from a launcher, the missiles were much more capable of destroying urban targets than traditional air-dropped ones.

They were used by the Nazis to bomb England, among other places. More than 5,500 people died in the attacks.

2. wandering souls

Part of the so-called psychological warfare conducted by the U.S. during the Vietnam conflict involved playing recordings aloud. However, these were not the usual propaganda materials in the language used by the Vietcong soldiers. The Americans played sounds from loudspeakers that were supposed to resemble ghost speech, which were mixed with music played at funerals and moans.

The so-called Ghost Tape #10 was supposed to make the enemies listening to it lay down their arms.

3 Adolf Hitler Talk

This recording may not send shivers down your spine, but there is still something disturbing about the “ordinary” voice of the greatest criminal in human history. We have seen Hitler on various archival films as he spoke to huge crowds gathered in squares. But his rehearsed shouting, combined with almost theatrical gesticulation, had nothing to do with his real image.

The recording, which you can hear below, was recorded during a conversation between the leader of the Third Reich and Finnish General Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. In it, Hitler expresses his concern over the underestimation of the scale of troop mobilization in the Soviet Union.

4 Jericho trumpets

You may know this sound from World War II documentaries. It was produced by the so-called “Jericho trumpets,” acoustic systems mounted on Ju 87 bombers.

When the Junkers began to “dive,” the trumpets emitted a distinctive, piercing sound that heralded the coming conflagration.

5 The atomic bomb

The crackling sound in the air can resemble a lightning strike. However, this is only an impression. The sound is much more frightening, especially because under “natural” conditions you can feel it with your whole body. The Japanese who died in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not even hear it. Those miles away from the blast site recall hearing the earth shaking afterwards. The sound is amplified by a human bone skeleton.

The above recording is one of the few where the actual sound of the nuclear apocalypse can be heard.

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