They sent me money! Why there is no hurry to rejoice, what can be the consequences of the “gift”

Payment systems are still subject to some unpredictable failures, malfunctions. There are cases when the money transferred to the target address does not go there at all. However, a “lucky” person who has suddenly received several thousand rubles on his or her card should not get too excited. Moreover, one should not be in a hurry to spend them. We will tell you why below.

I got money!

A typical situation: a certain amount is suddenly deposited on a card account. And absolutely unexpectedly. The first reaction of the recipient is a gift from fate. It is necessary to spend it as quickly as possible. If no payments, debts return, transfers, payments are not expected, it is better to figure out who exactly is the unexpected “benefactor”.


Because if you have not taken it seriously, spent the money, the consequences can be quite deplorable. Most often “accidental” transfers appear on the card due to the following reasons:

  1. A real mistake by the payment system. For example, the IRS was refunding someone’s personal income tax, but mixed up the account.
  2. Money was deliberately transferred by fraudsters to then use the recipient.
  3. The account is used for illegal money laundering (cashing out).

In all three cases, the smartest thing to do would be to deal with the transfer as quickly as possible. Return the money (refuse it, write a statement to the police). So as not to create problems for yourself in the future.


A transfer from a government service

As a rule, each transaction has specific details: who transferred, when, for what amount. If the card account received money from one of the services (and the recipient has nothing to do with the transfer), it is better to contact the sender, find out all the details. Let’s assume that the owner of the card account decided to use the stray money after all, spent it. A government agency is legally entitled to demand funds transferred by mistake. No “I don’t know”, “I don’t remember”, or “I won’t give it back” will work here. According to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the actions of a person who refused to perform a refund transaction fall under the category of “Fraud. And this is already a criminal liability.


Fraud transfer

Nowadays, there are still citizens who have fallen victim to fraudsters. The scheme of “scam” is simple but effective. At the initial stage, a transfer arrives on the card. For example, for 5 thousand. While the “lucky” one wonders what to do with this money, the swindlers come to him. And they tell a prearranged legend.

It turns out that the mistakenly transferred money was meant to pay alimony. And now a single mother can not buy her child diapers, scarce baby food. Because of this she is very nervous, is on the verge of a breakdown. After telling this touching story, the grief-stricken “father” asks to step in.


To return the money, but only to another card (which belongs to the “wife”). If the trusting citizen makes the transfer, he immediately becomes a victim of a scam. In fact, the intruder made a pre-order on the well-known trading platform “Ali Express”. The amount of the purchase is significant, about 200 thousand. And these 5 are prepayments.

And since the money is transferred from the card account, the seller automatically transfers the financial obligations to its owner. Therefore, after the order arrives in Russia, the balance of the payment should be deducted from the victim’s card. If there is not enough money there, a judicial investigation is possible. And it is quite difficult to prove that no purchases were made on the internet. The order itself will arrive at the address of the scammer.



Now there are enough different businessmen who, in order not to pay taxes, but to withdraw money obtained illegally, come up with various schemes of cash withdrawal. It would seem that there is nothing criminal: a certain amount of money is deposited into a particular citizen’s account.

Then the fraudsters contact him and ask him to transfer the funds further. For persuasiveness they sound convincing arguments. And many people simply believe that there is nothing wrong with “helping out in a human way. And by doing so, they become participants in a criminal operation. Which will lead to problems with the law.

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