They will add VAT on the network!

What price do we pay for Internet access? For the time being – before March 1, 2005 – the fees for the possibility to use network are slightly decreasing. Recent reductions of prices for Internet access cause smaller interest in local networks – informs “Rzeczpospolita”. However, can we count on this trend to continue and will the fees for access to the Internet fall? According to Rzeczpospolita journalists’ information – no, and additionally (from the 1st of March) they will increase. The most in TP SA – a whole 22 percent, less in other operators.

They will add VAT on the network!

A permanent Internet connection can be had for as little as 40-60 PLN per month. You have to add to this the installation fee of 200-400 PLN. Most operators resign from charging it, instead making the user a slave. The user will get a promotional, free (or for the proverbial zloty) installation provided that he/she signs an agreement with the operator for a longer period (at least one year). Termination of such an agreement will result in a penalty equal to two or three times the installation fee.

The above-mentioned price concerns obviously the slowest fixed line (128-256 kbps). For a connection with better transfer we pay more (PLN 140-200 per month)

If someone doesn’t have a desire or possibility to establish permanent connection – they may use dial-up access. Then there is no subscription. And you will pay for the connections as much as you surf or even slightly less. Most dial-up operators offer discounts for the calls. The disadvantages are the low speed of data transmission and the necessity to keep an eye on yourself. If, for example, you get lost in a chat with an interesting partner, the bill can be high – sometimes even higher than a permanent connection.

However, fast links are a fashion, not always needed. If someone uses the network only to surf the Web, download programs or use chat or e-mail – the cheapest link will be enough. If we do not know what we will do in the network – we can start with the cheapest link. However, there is a catch here. Although in most offers it is possible to change the link to a better one during the contract term, it is connected with additional payment. Theoretically it is low, but not always. We should also remember that for fast connections there are limits, after exceeding which the rate of data transmission drops below the level typical for modem connections.

From 1 March 22% VAT will be applicable to access services. Different operators have different approaches to this issue. From the information gathered by Rzeczpospolita journalists TP will increase gross prices of its services by this amountHowever, for example ICPnet from Poznań does not change its gross price. UPC and Aster have modified their price lists so that the gross price will increase, but by less than 22 percent.

The price attractiveness of housing estate networks and small local providers continues to decrease. Two to three years ago, they were unrivalled with subscription fees of PLN 30-50 per month. Now the biggest telecommunication companies provide professional services for similar prices – writes Rzeczpospolita.

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