TickTock captioning: how to make and add, how to make a video with a code phrase

To add a TicToc video caption, you can go a variety of ways. Even using third-party editors. Or writing text on sheets of paper and then shooting a video. Due to the fact that video hosting is dynamically developing, new options are constantly being included. Possibilities of the application are expanding, users get improved functionality and make more vivid, unique videos.

How to make captions in TickTock?

Archaic ways to add text inserts to your video footage are gradually being forgotten. After all, they are being replaced by technical means that allow you to introduce special effects, change color, and create truly unique content. The kind that you won’t find anywhere else.

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And originality is one of the features highlighted by subscribers when evaluating videos. If it is not there, then other tricks of the author, his desire to attract the attention of the public will not help. It is also not necessary to use third-party editors, as was done in the early days of hosting.

Thanks to the built-in tools, each ticktocker has the ability to insert captions into the videos themselves. To do this, it is provided:

  • changing the fill;
  • alignment (left, right, center);
  • choosing the size of letters, their color;
  • rotation of the text.

And, like everything in TickTock, this menu is characterized by intuitive ease of perception, requiring no additional prompts. Of the fonts, the user can use Classic, Typewriter, Handwriting, Neon, Serif.


Of this variety, only Classic, Typewriter and Serif will work in the Russian keyboard layout. Handwriting refuses to function normally at all, and Neon adds glow without changing the font.

When the inscription is already created, the editing function is still available. To do this, the developer has placed characteristic icons around the sticker. They are easy to understand. “Pencil” means to start the text change mode, “arrows” affect the size of the inscription, move it across the screen. You can even set a specific time of occurrence of the text fragment, for this there is an icon “clock”. To completely delete the post, you should click on the “cross”.

How to set the duration of the text?

If the idea of the author of the code phrase the viewer should see not only at a certain moment, but also a set time interval, TikTok provides this possibility. It is tied to the duration of the video itself. It is started by pressing the “Set Duration” button. It is displayed in seconds, you can set the inscription to appear almost in any part of the clip (beginning, end, middle).



Operations with changing the duration of text visibility are available after it is written. Until an inscription is added, you can’t edit it, including correcting the timestamp, deleting it completely, or replacing it.

Interesting examples

TikTok’s built-in features allow you to set the time duration of the embedded inscription, shoot your own clips by adding pop-up text to it, or write in ready-made ones. For example, you decide to add a “Hello boys and girls” sticker. First, select the video in the gallery. Then go into editor mode.


Set the font (let’s say, “Classic”), set its color from the ones offered in the palette. Clicking “Done” completes your work in the option. If you double-click the caption, the editing mode is reactivated.


You can now set the duration (by dragging the slider across the panel), for example 5.4 seconds, by placing the caption in the middle of the clip.


If you make circular motions around the text, it will rotate during the demonstration. There is no need to highlight the phrase additionally. Stretching the sticker (font), increase its size.

How to remove or make a watermark

A watermark (TikTok logo, author’s nickname) is loaded by default. This requirement is mandatory, you can’t bypass it. But it turns out that you can remove this inscription, if you use the software from Play Market (for owners of Android devices). Select the desired application by typing in the search “TikTok without a watermark.

It will be TikTok Downloader. Install it. Then start the “usual” TikTok, search for the desired content. In the menu “Share” will be an icon with a characteristic symbol of copying a link to the video. When the video posting address is saved in the clipboard, it remains to paste it into the TikTok Downloader app, download.

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