TikTok online on your computer: how to log in from your PC with and without download, instructions

To run on the desktop of the home computer, not on the phone, online emulation of TickTock, you do not need too complicated actions. The application is steadily gaining popularity, so it is gradually mastering new platforms. For example, Windows. Let’s understand step by step what steps will have to be taken to configure, run your favorite application on the PC.

What is TickTock?

This is one of the many applications aimed at working on mobile devices – based on Android or iOS. Initially, TikTok created short videos, mostly comic, entertaining. Over time, the functionality of the program has expanded. Now you can use it to promote products or services.



Experts predict that the application TikTok will be more successful than Instagram. The creators of the software, as many probably do not know, live in Beijing, China. Specifically, it is a company called ByteDance. After the successful launch 2 years ago, the TicToc service has confidently taken a leading position in China. Gradually it enters the top of downloads in other countries as well.

TicToc is always fun, incendiary, and creative. It is no coincidence that the target audience is represented by young people aged 13-25. Those who most strive to live actively, to the fullest, receiving positive emotions. Until recently, the service was supported only by mobile devices.

But recently there are programs-emulators for Windows, thanks to which the favorite application TicToc can be used on PCs.

Where to download and how to install

First it is necessary to understand how exactly it is planned to work with the application. There are 3 different options:

  • mobile version;
  • work on a computer in a browser;
  • ticktock for PC in Android emulator.


Unfortunately, there is no full-fledged “adult” version. Therefore, you will have to be satisfied with working in the TicToc mobile application or use one of the proposed solutions.

Each case requires a different algorithm. To install mobile TikTok, go to the official website of the developer or Play market (if using a device with Android), respectively, App-store for iOS. Download, install, enjoy.

To enter TicToc on the PC, you can use any browser. To do this you need to get to the page of the social network https://www.tiktok.com/ru/. Then you navigate through the tabs. In the upper left corner there is a button in the main menu, by pressing it you can go to “For You”, “Interesting”, “News” sections. To fully use the application, you need an active account. Or it is possible to do even simpler: immediately press the button “Watch” (top right corner).


Finally, by installing the emulator, users are able to work on a PC exactly as on the mobile version. TicToc installation itself is simple and won’t cause any difficulties. First, let’s download some android emulator. For example Andy. In addition to “Andy”, you can use any of the following programs: Memu, Appatize, BlueStacks, Xamarin Testflight, Nox App Player and MobiOne (for iOS). They are almost identical in functionality, easy to install, easy to use.


Registering and logging in to TickTock via computer

To fully enjoy the benefits of TickTock on a laptop, PC, you need to log in to a previously created account. Or register in the application. Depending on your goals, you can go to the social networking site online or install the program on your computer. It is recommended to use an emulator. This is almost a complete alternative to the mobile version.

Working with Andy Emulator

First you need to go to the official website of the developer, https://www.andyroid.net, and download the installation file. The advantage of “Andy” over others is that the software is suitable for all existing platforms, including Windows, MacOS.

When the emulator is downloaded, you should run the program. The start window is very similar to the “native” Android desktop.

andy emulator

Next, you need to go to Play Market, install TickTock. Before accessing the Play Market, you need to be authorized in your Google account. If it does not exist, you should create a new.


Download TicToc, the installation is automatic. There should be no difficulties here. After authorization in the application you can fully use the agent: not only watch, but also create your videos. For the normal work of the emulator there are restrictions on system requirements:

  1. AMD or Intel 2-core processor (or more powerful).
  2. Virtualization mode support.
  3. At least 3 Gigabytes of RAM.
  4. Free hard disk space – 10 Gbytes.
  5. Video gas pedal that supports OpenGL library version 2.1 or higher.
  6. Windows 7, 8.1, Ubuntu 14 and up, OSX 10.8 and up.

Then your enjoyment of watching, creativity (because at the same time you can create your own videos) will not interfere. After installation, work with TickTock as usual. The advantages of this step are obvious: it is more convenient to use the big screen, full-size keyboard. And the battery of your favorite smartphone will keep its charge longer.

If you don’t want to download TicToc (problems with installing the emulator, not enough space on your hard drive), you can always get to the page in the browser without downloading the application. The advantages of this option are unconditional – you can quickly enter without downloading, watch fresh videos. And the disadvantages are limited functionality: you can’t read or leave comments on the videos.

What should I do if I can’t log in?

If everything is done correctly, there should be no problems with TickTock. The only exception is when the password is entered incorrectly. Or you can’t remember it at all. In all other cases, including the installation on your PC, downloading TicTock, logging into your account is easy and simple. For the login itself, not to complicate the procedure for the user, the following options are provided:

  • By phone number;
  • through a Google account;
  • through a Facebook account;
  • via VKontakte;
  • via Twitter;
  • via Instagram.

In this way, you can take as a basis an already existing record in most social networks. Well, if none of the options did not work, you will have to use help to restore the password.

Resetting your password via email

If nothing succeeds, you should find the “We can help” button on the authorization page (it is located near the inscription “Forgot your password”). You will also need a computer and a TickTock login. Although you can do without knowing your nickname, you can restore the password by resetting it. For example, by email. A letter will come to your mailbox with a link.

How to enter TicToc online on your computer with and without download, instruction

If you click on it, the authorization window will open again, in which you must enter a new (make up) password. That’s it, the login is restored.

Reset via phone

The method is similar to the previous one, only it is necessary to specify “reset” not to e-mail, but to a phone number. Enter your cell phone, it will receive an SMS with a code for temporary access.

Then you just have to think up a new password, but more reliable, enter it twice and use the application as before.

And don’t forget that, in addition to entertainment, TikTok gives you the opportunity to communicate in the social network, promote your account, find friends and much more. Take advantage of the app, join the army of millions of TikTok fans.

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