To cheat a cheater or how to neutralize phone scammers with their own methods?

When the subscriber’s phone and his data got to the fraudsters, they begin persistent attempts to “trick” the person for money. When one scheme didn’t work, they pick up a new one. Sometimes they take the rude answers and unwillingness to communicate as a challenge and increase their efforts. There are several ways to get the fraudster to lose his/her temper so that he/she refuses to continue communicating and repeat attempts to call.

Present yourself as an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Experienced scammers who have been in jail are rather few; most of them are ordinary people who have never encountered the police before in spite of their activities. For this reason, experts advise you to introduce yourself as a police officer. A scammer, even if he can assume he is being scammed, will not take the risk and stop calling.

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But this doesn’t always work. Many young people are not afraid of criminal prosecution, being fully convinced that it is impossible to find them, and can continue their calls. It is important not to intimidate the caller with authority or rank, but when they realize they are trying to deceive you, insert the phrase “I am in the police myself” or the like in passing. Realizing that the wrong place, the attackers usually stop talking and no longer bother.

Pretend that the scammer succeeds in his plan

Today there are a lot of videos on the Internet about how resourceful people are trying to deceive scammers themselves and talk to them for a long time, gradually bringing the interlocutor to an extreme degree of irritation. Here it is important to play along correctly – the scammers are looking for people who are not too well versed in technology, bank cards and other such modern things. It is necessary to make the scammer believe that he got exactly such a person.


In a conversation, you can repeatedly ask for an “incomprehensible” word, asking for an explanation of what the statement means. Trying to call the police, “scared” that there was an attempt to enter the bank’s personal account or that someone tried to withdraw money from the card. The scammer is confused by such customers, he can’t continue the scenario, constantly going back to the explanations. In the end, you can get the scammer to react emotionally to his stupidity.

Getting the con man to waste his time

A hilarious way to make scammers angry is to waste their time. It’s easy to do – you don’t even have to have a long conversation. Often they ask to be told the pin code of the card or passport number, you have to agree to tell him the required data and start their long search. In order to make the time last longer, you should from time to time give signs of life and complain that the necessary papers are not found in any way.


It is important to remember that scammers are human beings too, and they don’t like anything that irritates or makes ordinary people nervous. It is possible to play on this weakness by provoking negative emotions in the interlocutor. After such a conversation, the abusers are unlikely to want to continue the conversation or call back. But if an attempt to “divorce” was made again, you can repeat your mini-performance for those who are trying to take advantage of your credulity.

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