Tom Cruise wants to make a movie aboard the International Space Station

It promises to be a great action movie that will take place in space rather than on a Hollywood set. At least that’s the plan of Tom Criuse, who has teamed up with NASA and SpaceX.

In mid-May, SpaceX is expected to send two astronauts aboard the International Space Station. It will be a historic moment for the American space industry. Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be the first astronauts since 2011 to go to their space home aboard an American vehicle and the first to fly there with a private company.

The start of a new era in the American space industry has been decided by Tom Cruise. He has already established partnerships with NASA and SpaceX. The plan is that the action of the feature film, unrelated to the cult series Mission: Impossible, will take place in space. The shooting will be done in space, not in Hollywood studios or generated in a computer.

It’s not entirely certain, but it’s quite possible that Tom Criuse himself will travel with his crew to their space home aboard a manned Dragon-2 capsule and shoot shots for his film. Cruise is known for not using stuntmen or stunt doubles when shooting the most impossible scenes for his movies. So we can assume that such a scenario is possible and even feasible.

The celebrity has been working with the head of NASA and Elon Musk for some time now. Experts from the Dream Factory even say that Cruise’s film is to surpass the phenomenal Gravity, not only in terms of real shots of outer space, but also the laws of physics are to be perfectly reflected there.

So far nothing more is known about this mega production, but all signs on heaven and earth indicate that a real breakthrough in film production is coming. It can be provided by none other than pop culture icon Tom Cruise, for whom no mission is impossible. In the meantime, we are waiting for the Falcon-9 rocket with the Dragon-2 capsule, on board of which there will be astronauts.

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