Top budget smartphones for gaming: rating of the 14 best inexpensive phones

There is an opinion that the budget smartphones are not designed for games because of the weak “iron”. Of course, on such a device you will not get to play on ultra graphics settings, but the average parameters will be quite enough for comfortable gaming. Therefore, it is suggested to look at the top budget smartphones for mobile games, so as not to overpay for flagships.

What to pay attention to when choosing a gaming smartphone

Expensive devices are not always the best smartphones for gaming. Of course, such a correlation exists, but a more correct description of the gadget will be its characteristics, not prices.


In this regard, in the process of selecting a gaming phone, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  1. Screen. It should be large and preferably with an increased refresh rate (rarely found in the budget segment). It is also worth remembering that AMOLED matrices have a bright color rendering, but they make your eyes tired.
  2. Processor and video chip. The main thing to pay attention to. The more powerful the chipset, the better the phone will behave in games.
  3. The cooling. So that the device does not lose performance during the game, it must have an elaborate cooling system. As a rule, it is either thermal paste or a copper tube.
  4. RAM. An auxiliary parameter that does not directly affect the gaming, but experts advise to take a smartphone with a good stock of RAM.
  5. ROM. Much more important aspect. If you play multiple games, you will need a solid amount of space on the internal drive.
  6. Stereo sound. Important parameter for shooters that allows you to understand what side the fire is coming from. However, headphones can solve the problem of lack of stereo sound multimedia speakers.
  7. Battery. The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer you can play without recharging. In this respect, everything is very clear.
  8. Gamer’s Chips. Some gamer’s devices are equipped with additional triggers and coolers. However, in the budget segment there is no such a thing, and therefore this feature should simply be taken into account.

Perhaps these are all the criteria that are important to people who choose a gaming device. Also, each user can have his own preferences regarding cameras and other characteristics, so the final decision is still up to the buyer.


Rating of inexpensive phones

The selection is represented by models from different manufacturers, each with an emphasis on either screen quality or performance. Therefore, to a greater or lesser extent, any smartphone is suitable for games. True, with certain limitations due to the cost of the devices.

HONOR 10X Lite

Smartphone that managed to gain popularity due to discounts of up to 50%, and in this case HONOR 10X Lite is one of the best solutions for gaming, despite its shortcomings.

The gamer in this device will be pleased with the large screen, which does not tire the eyes. The camera and the battery are also high, but the HONOR 10X Lite has problems with performance, because the Kirin 710A is only suitable for gameplay on medium-low settings. In addition, there are no Google services, as with most other new products HUAWEI and HONOR. However, there are a lot of instructions on the Internet to bypass the restrictions.


  • Screen diagonal;
  • 48 megapixel camera;
  • high capacity battery.


  • poor “iron”;
  • no Google certification.


Honor 30S.

Another device deprived of Google services. But it differs from the previously mentioned model with a high level of performance.

Kirin 820 is one of the reasons to consider Honor 30S as a purchase. The cameras also perform well. But it’s such a shame that due to the lack of Google certification, gamers will be deprived of the opportunity to officially install many popular games.


  • photo quality;
  • design;
  • performance.


  • No Play Market.


Huawei P Smart 2021.

There is no point in dwelling on this smartphone for a long time. And the point here is not in its “boredom”, but in the fact that it completely copies the HONOR 10X Lite.

Releasing the same devices under different brands is standard practice for Honor and Huawei. Therefore, in the face of P Smart 2022, the user gets a large screen, good battery life and cameras along with a weak “iron”.


  • large display;
  • photography;
  • operating time.


  • Kirin 710A;
  • no Google app store.


Motorola G9 Plus.

Let’s put aside Huawei and Honor products to consider devices that have no problems with Google certification.

The Motorola G9 Plus is characterized not only by an impressive screen area, but also by performance, which Honor and Huawei devices cannot always boast of. There is a processor from the American company Qualcomm, which is energy efficient and performs well enough for stable gameplay on medium settings.


  • Qualcomm chipset;
  • screen;
  • runtime.


  • weight of the device.



Ultra-budget option for games exclusively on low settings.

Frankly speaking, the smartphone is good only for its price. Yes, it is difficult to complain about the performance, autonomy and photo quality for such a price, but the optimal option for gaming OPPO A15 certainly can not be called.


  • autonomy;
  • stable shell;
  • triple camera;
  • price.


  • HD screen;
  • no NFC.


Realme 6i.

Another model with HD display, but with much more attractive characteristics.

Compared to the OPPO A15, all the parameters have been pumped up, and even the NFC sensor was not forgotten by the manufacturer. The 48-megapixel camera is a definite plus for an affordable device, and the Helio G80 does not fall in the mud when it comes to gaming.


  • Appearance;
  • 48MP camera;
  • battery;
  • not a bad chipset.


  • HD display.


Realme 8 Pro.

A controversial device that has both a number of advantages and quite a few disadvantages against the competition.

The novelty has attracted the attention of the audience by the presence of a 108 megapixel camera, which in the mid-price segment is as rare as a “snowman” in the woods. At the same time, we can not forget about losing on all counts another novelty with similar characteristics – Redmi Note 10 Pro. Realme does not have a higher screen hertz, and the processor is carried over from the old model Realme 6 Pro.


  • AMOLED screen;
  • 108-megapixel camera;
  • 50-watt charging.


  • No processor update.


Samsung Galaxy A32

Next is a smartphone from the South Korean brand Samsung. And this is the moment when the eminent company prepared a real surprise for gamers.

The good news is that the AMOLED screen supports 90 Hz refresh rate, which should affect the smoothness of the interface and gameplay. However, with the Helio H80 processor we should not expect 90fps. Its average on moderate graphics settings is 30-40fps.


  • design;
  • 64 MP camera;
  • smooth interface;
  • autonomy.


  • The claimed 90Hz does not work in games.


Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Mobile gamers are not keen on selfies, and therefore the cutout for the front camera causes a lot of inconvenience while playing. But the Mi 9T is definitely not that case.

The smartphone has a retractable front-facing unit. Therefore, the screen turned out to be frameless. “The hardware allows you to expose medium settings, and each of the sensors of the triple camera has a different purpose.


  • AMOLED display with no notches;
  • the optical zoom of the camera;
  • appearance.


  • Does not support memory cards.


Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

Definitely the best smartphone for gaming in the segment of inexpensive devices.

First of all, Poco X3 Pro is based on the 800-series chipset from Qualcomm, so high graphics settings will not be a rarity for the gamer. The screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, and stereo speakers accompany the entire gaming experience.


  • 120 Hz screen;
  • stereo speakers;
  • Powerful “iron”;
  • high capacity battery.


  • weighty case.


Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Model, which in 2018 began a steady march of POCO on the smartphone market.

Now the smartphone can be found in retail for a price around 10-12 thousand rubles, and this is an excellent price tag for the Qualcomm 800-series processor. At the same time it is worth taking into account not the best cameras and battery.


  • price;
  • performance;
  • case design.


  • power efficiency;
  • lack of NFC.


Xiaomi Redmi 9C

A lower level model, but with its own face.

Redmi 9C is a smartphone with a basic set of features for people who want to save money. At the same time, do not count on gaming performance and photo quality.

On a side note. The NFC sensor is only present in the Redmi 9C NFC version.


  • Ergonomic body;
  • autonomy;
  • triple camera.


  • HD screen;
  • “iron” pulls only medium-low graphics settings.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Last year’s bestseller with a big screen and decent cameras.

The level of performance is sufficient for gameplay on average parameters, and the operating time is definitely worthy of respect. Especially since it comes with a 33W power adapter.


  • case materials;
  • autonomy;
  • photo quality.


  • No stereo sound.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S.

The twin brother of the Redmi Note 9 Pro, which differs from it only a couple of nuances.

For example, the Note 9S comes with a power adapter for only 18 watts, and the resolution of the rear camera is 48 MP. In addition, there is no NFC, which also needs to be mentioned.


  • large screen;
  • 4 cameras;
  • battery life.


  • Lack of NFC.


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