Travel around the world

French love or Russian roulette. Crazy gambling was invented by Russian officers, but French love? Was it really French? Have fun on a linguistic journey around the world.

Travel around the world

The American Dream

Or something that happens to only a few. A spectacular career that starts with the proverbial pony and ends with millions of dollars in your bank account. Everyone who succeeds owes their success to luck, but also to their own work.

The Czech mistake

A mistake consisting of reversing the order of characters in a text, or simply a typo. Such errors are hardly noticeable to a proofreader, and sometimes they can be funny or offensive. Some linguists explain the origin of this term by the fact that many words in Czech resemble words from Polish language, where someone rearranged the letters.

Russian roulette

A gambling game invented by tsarist officers. It consists in putting the barrel of a revolver to one’s own head and pressing the trigger of the weapon after first turning the rotary magazine. It is performed alternately with an opponent until one of the competitors loses. The probability of survival with one cartridge in the barrel and each spin is over 80 percent. That’s quite a lot.

Argentine system

A system in which a number of people pay a certain amount of money to a group formed by them and thus become a participant in the system. Part of the amount is received by the organizer, the remaining money is given to members as a loan. The members of the system who receive the money at the end will finance it themselves, so the system is a smart trap.

Swiss watch

A symbol of precision and accuracy. Switzerland is associated with wealth and good quality, which is how the products made there are perceived (usually rightly so).

Swedish table

A method of serving food most often used at banquets and formal receptions, but also at weddings and holidays. It is a generously set table, at which self-service is obligatory. Guests serve themselves. The hosts are obliged to put the plates and cutlery on the table and keep order. Usually on the buffet table are served appetizers, starters and the so-called “cold buffet”.

Turkish sermon

Something quite incomprehensible. To sit like a Turkish sermon, that is, to understand nothing of what one is listening to.

To disappear in English

Is this the domain of the English? With their reserved nature it is very likely. To disappear in English is to walk away from a party or a social gathering without saying goodbye. It’s usually a not-so-diplomatic dodge, when you don’t feel like saying a perfunctory goodbye, a polite exchange of thanks for coming and a boring (according to the person disappearing) conversation.

And finally, something sharper.

Brazilian hair removal

Brazilian hair removal is a complete depilation of intimate places with the use of sugar wax. The method is very popular in Brazil, among others.

French love

Or oral sex. Partners use their mouths for sexual satisfaction of each other.

Spanish fly

Aphrodisiac. A popular remedy used to increase potency and prevent frigidity of affection. Contains cantharidin and essential oils, long used as stimulants. Often comes in drop form.

Thai massage

It is performed dry, without using any oils. The body of the person being massaged is pressed with fingers, elbows, knees and feet. The massage strengthens the immunity of the body and effectively relaxes. Massage performed by a partner, for example, with the feet is an excellent element of foreplay.

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