True Key – what program is it, is it needed, how to remove it?

True Key - what program is it and is it needed?

The number of programs for PC increases every year and it becomes more and more difficult to promote their products to unknown developers. One of such applications is True Key, what kind of program it is and whether it is needed – we will understand in this publication.

“Illegal” Penetration

One of the methods of competition is the “imposition” of utilities during the installation of other software. This negative phenomenon is perfectly coped with Unchecky. But if this utility is not installed on your computer, there is a chance that you will “catch” True Key.

I am by no means claiming that it is a virus. But not all users need such an application, and you may want to uninstall it. But let’s first understand if this is worth doing.

True Key is a joint development of such giants as McAfee and Intel, designed to log into various sites and software with a single password. You can directly download True Key from the official page by reading the presentation.

But the strangest thing is that during installation antivirus (if it is present in the system) starts swearing and generating warnings:

Warning of potentially dangerous software

This is due to the fact that many users who did not download the software intentionally, but received it as an attachment to other programs, see some threat in TruK Intel Security. Therefore, they send reports to the support service of antivirus labs, and they, in their turn, add True Key to the database of suspicious objects.

The most common ways for the utility to infiltrate are discussed below:

  • In the process of upgrading a chipset with an Intel processor, if Intel proprietary software is used for this purpose. It can install additional software without unnecessary notifications;
  • When you want to install an application, you find a download site, but during the installation process you are offered another useful software. You can uncheck (check the box for consent), but if you don’t do that, Windows gets another utility. By the way, it runs with the system and consumes some resources, which alarms users.
True Key for laptop, phone, tablet

True Key: what is this program and is it needed?

According to the developers, True Key allows you to securely save passwords from accounts of various sites you are registered with. Versions are available not only for Windows, but also for Android, iOS and macOS. In addition, there are also extensions for browsers.

Here are the advantages of TrueKey:

  • All user data is encrypted with a state-of-the-art algorithm to provide super security;
  • You can use several levels of authorization, including facial recognition;
  • All the credentials you enter are automatically saved in the cloud, which allows you to synchronize passwords on any device that uses TruKey.

Among the disadvantages is that it’s conventionally free. To get the most features you will have to pay about 20 dollars, otherwise the base of saved codes will be limited to only 15 values.

How to remove True Key from your computer?

If you didn’t want to install this software, but it got into your system on its own, you may want to remove it from your PC. It is especially annoying when various messages start to be actively displayed in the notification area. And the program consumes RAM not weakly (which is unacceptable for low-powered computers).

The easiest way to remove it:

  • Download CCleaner optimizer (Here is a link there is also a video guide). At the beginning of the installation you choose the Russian language, so as not to get confused in the interface.
  • Preliminarily “kill” the True Key process in the Task Manager by calling the list of processes by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc:
Killing True Key tasks
  • Now start CCleaner and on the left side we see several tabs. We are interested first in the “Tools” section, inside which there is the “Remove Programs” item. Clicking on it, you will see all the applications installed on your laptop. Find True Key and perform the uninstallation;
  • To completely clear all traces, you need to go to the “Registry” tab and run an error scan. Found “tails” need to be cleaned (fixed):
Cleaning the registry with Ccleaner
  • To ensure that after restarting the PC the utility is not installed again, you need to remove its “provocateur” from the autorun. To do this, press Win + R and enter the command:


Open services list
  • A list of all services (system and third-party) opens, where you need to find the item named McAfee Aplication Installer, double-click the left mouse button to open the properties and select the “Disabled” value from the list in the “Startup Type” field:
True Key - what is the program and is it needed?

Do not pay attention to the service name in the above screenshot. It is given purely for demonstration purposes. What you need to do is to disable McAfee Aplication Installer.!

Well, congratulations! You have solved another problem, and you know what the program is and if you need it, how to remove the application completely.

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