UBank what is this program on Android, is it necessary on the phone

UBank app on Android: why you need it, how to remove it

Digital technologies are developing very rapidly. For example, it is no longer necessary to stand in bank queues to pay various bills, apply for a loan. There are plenty of applications for this. And today I will tell you about UBank, what this program is for Android, whether you need it on your phone.


Mobile banking

This concept has already become an integral part of most people’s lives. Many financial institutions offer users to download software to PCs, smartphones and other gadgets to easily access the management of their cards, deposits, etc. And another cool feature is paying “utilities”.

It is worth noting that in many Android phones that are officially shipped to Russia, this software is standard. That is, it is initially integrated into the firmware of Samsung and Fly. Good or bad, I will tell further.

UBank what is this program?

This is a kind of mobile wallet, which stores information about all your bank cards and other savings. You can not only view balance information, but also perform a number of operations – up to and including up to paying fines of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

UBank advantage

The application can be downloaded from Google Play or you can go to the official website of UBank and download the software from there, previously familiarizing yourself with the full list of features.

As in most analogues, to register you must first enter your phone number, which will then be linked to an electronic wallet UBank. After specifying the number, you will receive an SMS notification with a confirmation code.

And already in the application itself, thanks to the intuitive interface, you can easily add existing cards of any banks (MasterCard / Visa). They will then be displayed in the main menu, you can select them to make financial transfers, top up your mobile phone account, and repay credit debts.

Main advantages

Since Ubank has mostly positive reviews and a high rating in Google Play, I would like to know why people prefer this particular utility. Next I will list the main advantages:

  • It is possible through the software to order an instant installment card “Halva”, which can be used to pay in stores for purchases;
  • Supported transactions and cards of all banking institutions officially operating on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • The function of transfers abroad is available, including through the BEST system;
  • It is realistic to get an online microloan by providing a minimum package of documents electronically;
Pros of UBank
  • Through UBank you can pay for mobile services, top up online games, pay for cable/satellite TV;
  • All operations are securely encrypted using modern algorithms to protect you from the negative actions of intruders;
  • You will be able to withdraw your money at any ATM using the Yubank service even without a card.

Once again, I give you a link to the official website of UBank, where you can download the program for any mobile platform – Android, WP and iOS.

An interesting point is the system of detailed reports which are formed on the basis of collected statistics and show all your expenses, receipts for a certain period.

UBank statistics

How to uninstall UBank application from your phone

You may have purchased a mobile device with the UBank utility pre-installed, but do not want to use it. Or you yourself downloaded the program, but you don’t like it. Then listen to how you can remove the application from your Android smartphone:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Find the section “All apps” (or may be called “Manager…”, depending on the Android version);
  • In the list, find the unnecessary item, and tap on it with your finger to open the information window;
  • It remains to press the uninstall button for total elimination of software from the memory.
how to remove unbank

Definitely, the software is very interesting and useful for those who value their time and do not like to stand in queues. You can manage your finances from home, office, transport. That’s a plus. UBank is an Android program – we got it. But we would like to hear your opinion.

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