Unbelievaboat Discord: economic assistant commands, how to add

Unbelievaboat when used in the Discord environment will perform a lot of useful functions. This bot differs from others in that it contains a pronounced economic component. With Anbelievaboat, the user can earn money. In addition, moderation, entertainment, role assignment and useful utilities are provided. The bot is equally successful in all of its tasks.

What this bot is

Incredible Unbelievable bot for Discord combines the functions of an assistant and an advanced economic component. Equipped with built-in moderation. The bot can take complete control over the behavior of users on the site, freeing live people from performing routine duties.


Anbelivebl bot is rightfully popular with users around the world. He is one of the top bots of Discord, scoring a solid 4 out of a possible 5. Now it is even easier to assign roles, and thanks to the mini-games visitors will not be bored. The developer has provided free and commercial versions. With a subscription, the user will get from 3 to 5 bots at a time.

Functions and commands

The bot is equipped with a developed system of built-in economy. It can also be customized individually. Thanks to the mini-games of the bot users will not only brighten up their leisure time, but also have the opportunity to break the bank. Earn real money.


The functions of the bot are divided into sections:

  1. “Economy”.
  2. “Income”.
  3. “Games.
  4. “Items.
  5. “Moderation.
  6. “Auto Moderation”.
  7. “Reminders.
  8. “Fun.
  9. “Info.
  10. “Roles.
  11. “Server Settings.
  12. “Permissions.
  13. “Util”.

Each category has its own commands. It is noteworthy that “Games” and “Entertainment” are separated. The point is, in the first group you can earn money. In the “Income” category of the bot are actions related to payments, managing earnings channels. In other words, Unbelievable is strictly an economically oriented bot.



In “Goods” are concentrated commands for trading, making an assortment, changing the name of the items presented in the store. The “Automoderation” section of the bot allows you to automate reminders, invitations, ignore unwanted guests. Completely relieve the administrator.

Now some examples. You can get help for the bot by using the “help” command. You can send a donation by entering the phrase “donate”. Depositing money into the bank is done by using the command “deposit”. In the game mode “set-bet-limit” sets the limits of the bet (the largest-lowest), “russian-roulette” starts the Russian roulette. Unfortunately, the developer of the bot did not provide the Russian language in the menu. With the rest of the problems should not arise, everything is quite clear.


Installing and configuring the bot

To add Unbelievable bot on the server, you must meet two conditions. Create an account in the Discord environment and log in. Next, go to the bot page: https://unbelievaboat.com/. There, by the way, in the upper right corner there are buttons “Invite to Discord”, “Support Server” and “Login”. Clicking the first redirects you to the Discord site. The second automatically creates a page to join Unbelievable. And the third allows you to enter your Discord nickname.


That is, all three lead to the same result. When the bot is connected, it remains to configure its basic functions in the main menu. These are reading and sending messages, using external emoji, and attaching files. Be sure to set the currency of the bot, its symbol. Example settings, use is shown in the video:

Problems and solutions

As a rule, there are no problems with this economically oriented virtual assistant. It is stable, reliable and trouble-free. The developer has provided some tips, which can be found on the bot’s page https://unbelievaboat.com/commands. It describes how to correctly enter commands. There are almost no complaints about the work of the bot, which is why it is so incredibly popular.

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