Unforgettable trips to the North Pole in the world’s largest airship [FILM].

Airlander X is a great proof that airships, which were supposed to be the main means of air transportation after World War II, are back in favor and will soon become a popular form of luxury travel.

At least that’s the plan of Hybrid Air Vehicles, a company based in the United Kingdom. For the past few years it has been conducting flight tests of its machine called Airlander 10. At the moment it is the largest flying aircraft in the world. It is as long as 91 meters (Airbus A380 is 73 meters).

The British believe that the successor to Airlander 10 will revolutionize aviation. The machine is expected to offer extremely luxurious travel, similar to the famous German airship called Hindenburg. However, unlike it, they are supposed to be completely safe.

Some time ago, DesignQ, the startup responsible for the design and equipment of the airship cabin, presented the latest visualizations. We have to admit that the cabin is dripping with luxury and the 19 passengers of the machine will be able to admire the surface of the Earth in a spectacular way which is not available anywhere else.

The Swedish company OpenSky has started the first ticket reservations for the maiden flight of this unusual machine. The flight will last 30 hours, during which the Airlander X will take off from a Norwegian city, fly over the polar regions and finally land at the North Pole. Passengers will be able to step out of the airship onto the sea ice.

The machine will be filled with helium, and four 8-cylinder engines with a capacity of 4 liters and 325 horsepower each will be responsible for propulsion. Airlander X will be able to accelerate to 150 km/h and stay in the air for up to 5 days. It is worth noting here that it will be a very ecological machine.

Company representatives boast that Airlander X emits up to 75 percent less pollution into the atmosphere than machines of comparable size. But that is not all. In the next 5 years this giant is to become fully emission-free, thanks to equipping it with electric motors.

Hybrid Air Vehicles plans to build a whole fleet of such airships and start commercial flights with them in 2 years. For now, ticket prices are unknown, only reservations have been made available, but we can be sure that they will not be cheap, but they will surely sell out like hot cakes.

In addition to the British, the airship is also interested in one of the co-founders of Google, Sergey Brin. The machine is being built in Hangar 2 at a facility belonging to NASA Ames Research Center. The facility is controlled by Planetary Ventures, a subsidiary of Alphabet.

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