Unity Web Player, what’s the program for?

Unity Web Player - why do I need it?

I’m not a fan of games in social networks, but I often get in touch with my friends with a question – Unity Web Player, what kind of program is it, why do I need it to run games in Odnoklassniki or Vkontakte? Now I will tell you in detail about the application, its purpose and installation.

Why do you need Unity Web Player?

I’m sure you have repeatedly seen a window inviting you to install the utility by clicking on the button:

Unity Web Player - why do I need it?

Many users do so, but as a result try to find the installed software in the “Start” menu or a shortcut on the desktop. But they don’t find anything of this kind. The first thing that comes to mind in such situations – caught a virus. In fact, do not panic!

What is Unity Web Player for? To better understand how it works, let’s break the name into its component parts:

  • Unity – is a powerful gaming engine used by most modern developers to create games;
  • Web Player – a unique technology, the essence of which is the ability to run “toys” directly in the browser window, without having to download to your PC.

That is, it is enough to install the player once and you can run in your Internet browser any game, created using the technology “Unity”.

We are dealing with a kind of analogue of the well-known popular Flash Player from Adobe. Here only considered in this article the application is able to handle not only 2D and three-dimensional graphics.

Installation and Activation Procedure

  • If you are trying to run the game, but you see a message on the screen that the desired module is not enabled, just click on the link to enable it. Or click on the download button, which is often present in such cases.
  • Or you can download Unity Web Player from the official website by following the link:
Unity Web Player download button on the official website

Please note: not all browsers support this technology, and some refuse to use it. This is due to the fact that plugins and add-ons can contain “holes” in security, allowing attackers to make their own changes to the browser code. And this is fraught with data theft, spying on users, displaying annoying ads.

How to uninstall Unity Web Player from your computer

I personally have not noticed any negative effects of the player, and friends have not complained. System resources it does not consume, working quietly in the background. So why remove it? The fact is that there may be minor failures that require reinstalling the Unity player. This is when you need to uninstall.

To do this, simply enter the list of “Programs and Features” (opens through the “Control Panel”Control Panel), find the unnecessary object and remove it:

Why use Unity Web Player?
Deleting Sims 3 the standard way

For Windows 10 the latest version should open the section “Applications and Features” in the options (accessed through the main context menu – press Win + X ) and perform the removal from there:

Section of the application and features in the main context menu
Uninstalling UWP

I hope that my instruction helped you to find out what program Unity Web Player is, whether it is worth installing and how to correctly uninstall it. If you have any questions – write, no questions – write anyway, I am glad to communicate with good people.

Regards, Victor!

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