Update Telegram: ways for different devices and PCs, possible problems

Not a single smartphone application today is not released on the market in its final version. And to be precise, the developers monthly try to supplement their child with new features, improve and modify in every possible way. The more widely the program is used, the more often it needs an upgrade. Messengers are no exception. However, many people still do not know how to update, for example, Telegram.

Why do you need it

For many years, Telegram has a reputation as the most secure messenger. It was banned, it was blocked, nevertheless, to this day people communicate in it calmly. The developers care about the safety of users, so they regularly fix bugs and bugs in the core of the program, so that confidential data do not get to those for whom they are absolutely not intended.


Telegram supports a policy of anonymity and protection of personal data, but sometimes the application glitches because of conflicts between the old version and the firmware of your smartphone or computer operating system. That’s why it is so important to “refresh” it in time.

Ways to update

Almost all applications are updated automatically, if you specify this in the settings during download and installation. Then, when you connect to the network, it will itself check the version of the program with the latest released and, if necessary, update it.


Some users still disregard the auto update, for example, saving memory on the device or simply forgetting about the need to download new versions.

  • To update the application manually, you need to connect to Wi-Fi.

connect to Wi-Fi

  • Go to Play Market or App Store.

Play Market or App Store


  • Find Telegram through the search or in your installed programs under “My apps and games”.


  • Open the download page, and next to the “Delete” button click on “Update”.
  • When you are done, it will install automatically.

If the update is not available, it means that there are no fresh packages yet.


To avoid wasting time updating the program each time, just do all of the above once and at the end click on the “Menu” icon on the front page of the application. Check the “Auto Update” box. Subsequently, Telegram itself will download and install new improvement packages.

How to update Telegram

On different devices, the steps of the procedure differ slightly, but the algorithm of actions is identical.

On Android

More familiar to the Russian user smartphone with this “stuffing” will allow you to update Telegram in a few swipes of the finger.

  • Open the Play Market client on your Android device.


  • Pull the left side of the screen to pop up a menu. There, find the item “My apps and games”.


  • There should be an “Update” sign next to the Telegram icon.


  • Tap on it and wait for the download to complete.
  • When finished, open Telegram and check the new features.

On the iPhone.

“Apple has added one additional step to the update algorithm, but, in general, it is still simple.

  • Open the App Store in the phone menu.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap on the “Updates” tab.


  • Find Telegram in the list that appears. If it’s not there, the version is still up to date.

  • Open the application page and tap on “Update”.

  • Enter your Apple ID account information in the window that appears.

  • Wait for the full installation and open the messenger.

On computer

The developers have taken care that their child was available on any electronic device. And that’s why they made it work not only on smartphones, but also on PCs. And, regardless of the operating system, Telegram always looks the same.

And the following scheme will update it equally well on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

  • Turn on the application and expand its side menu by clicking on the three bars in the upper left corner of the screen.


  • Open the “Settings” section and go down to the bottom to “Advanced Settings”.


  • The “Update automatically” item will show you if the version you have installed is up to date and allow you to check for an update. If it’s not against it, then activate it.


  • If there is a fresh package, it will be downloaded automatically.
  • When finished, you will only have to reload the messenger.

What to do if Telegram does not update

It happens that the standard set of actions is performed, but the application does not want to update. Why does this happen and what to do?

  1. Trite, but probably there are problems with the Internet connection on the device. In this case, it is worth eliminating this problem, and everything will work out.
  2. There is not enough memory on your smartphone to download the necessary files. It is worth clearing space, for example, by deleting some photos and clearing the cache in the browser.
  3. The application is updated, but does not start. In this case, it is easier to delete it completely and download it again than to find out the reason and dig in the root of the program. In the case of the phone, it is very simple, but if Telegram is “broken” on the computer, it will have to be downloaded from the Russian site using a torrent. Here you need to show maximum caution. Because, along with the application, viruses, worms, Trojans and other pests can get on your PC. And Telegram itself will lag with such “companions”.
  4. If reinstalling it hasn’t helped, then the only way out is to write to the technical support team of the application. Telegram’s support is very operative and loyal. As a rule, the operator replies within a couple of days. It often happens that the error is individual, and only specialists can solve it.

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