Vexera bot for Discord: music assistant commands, how to add to the server

The friendly Vexera bot for use in Discord is useful not only for those who do not think a minute without music. This is a real administrator assistant, endowed with really useful functions. The bot even has built-in games. Initially downloaded, it is free to use. There is also an extended version, where additional commands and options become available for a nominal fee.

What is this bot

Vexera is a specialized bot with the ability to moderate, send smiles, animations, create memes.

But the main task of this application is to play music, playlist management, play queue, show song lyrics. Of course, competitors have similar solutions, but Vexera is no worse than other music bots.


Main features

This bot Vexera in Discord is equally successful in assigning user roles, music and administration. In addition, there is access to an incredible number of pictures. Something can also be created with the help of a bot. It is useful that the developer has provided automation: this will save you from having to perform routine actions.

Vexera is free by default. There is also a subscription. For $3 per month, the user can expand the standard set of commands and functions. For example, there will appear: volume control, bass boost, work with playlists, autoplay. Vexera Premium also connects to the Spotify service.


Other features, such as audio streaming, non-stop music streaming, will certainly be a successful addition to the paid bot release. For the higher price of $5, the Vexera Pro version is available. With it, the developer guarantees stability, protection from failures, and also – a separate exclusive copy of the bot! This way the user can run 2 independent Vexers at the same time.


Vexera commands

Like other bots, this one is subject to a strictly defined set of actions. To communicate with Vexera, you should not only know the list of commands, but also remember to use a prefix. For Vexera it is “+”. And now – the secret access codes themselves:

  1. “ban”. Deprives you of the right to use chat for 24 hours.
  2. “clean”. Deletes chat messages.
  3. “infractions”. Information about all infractions.
  4. “kick”. User is banished from Vexera chat.
  5. “mute”. Voice channel is turned off.
  6. “reason”. Finding out the reason for the punishment.
  7. “role”. Assigning roles.
  8. “unban”. Removal of a ban.
  9. “vckick”. Expulsion from the voice channel.
  10. “warn”. Issue a warning.
  11. “autorole”. Roles are assigned automatically.
  12. “8ball”. Calling a magic ball.
  13. “ascii”. The text is transformed using ASCII encoding.
  14. “emotify”. Replacing text with emoticon.
  15. “fortnite”. Connecting to fortnite to find the user.
  16. “cat”. Vexera cats.
  17. “dog”. Dogs.
  18. “help”. Show available commands, help call.
  19. “invite”. Sending invitation.
  20. “ping”. Checking the response of the Vexera bot.
  21. “stats”. Statistics.

In addition, it is possible to change the prefix, request data about the server, show the text of the played track and much more. On the bot’s website, the commands are arranged by category: “Admin”, “Autorole”, “Fun”, “Games”, “Image”, “Info”, “Meme”, “Misc”, “Music”, “Perms”, “Premium”, “Settings”. This makes it easier to find the right one. Of course, if you know English, understand what these names mean.


How to install

To add the Vexera bot to the server, start using, you need to go to his page: In the upper right corner there will be a panel “Log in with Discord” – this is the login to the messenger. Or you can use the “Add to your Discord server” button. In both cases, you will be redirected to the Discord authorization menu.

After successfully entering your username and password, you will get to the main page of the bot. Do not forget to select the server, and assign Vexera required rights. Confirm authorization. All, you can use it.


How to use the bot

This music bot Vexera comes in handy for downloading your favorite tracks, creating a friendly atmosphere in the chat. Thanks to the ability to access the Spotify service, tracks are played directly online without saving. The owner of the bot combines audio files as you want, creates playlists, starts them in random order and one by one.

To keep guests entertained, mini-games are available. The “Fun” section features random predictions, ASCII message conversion, Chuck Norris jokes, slang, and “yo mamma” style catchphrases.


The work of the bot is characterized by stability. It will always be in touch, will come to your aid. Vexera is easy to manage, it does not require any special knowledge or skills. Additional features are available for a modest fee of $3 to $5 per month.

Be sure to install the Vexera bot. He deserves it. And in return, the assistant will take care of moderation, music management, routine activities.

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