Viber’s long-awaited feature – editing video before sending

Viber brings long-awaited feature - editing video before sending

Viber can’t be called the best messenger among other messengers. But people still continue to use it out of habit, despite ads, connection errors, problems with porting to other devices. Nevertheless, the developers are trying to improve Viber and are constantly adding useful features to the application.

Choose only the necessary moments in the video

Very often you have to send various videos using this messenger. Surely you have faced the situation when the video lasts several minutes and you need to emphasize a certain moment.

I had either to upload the whole file and specify in a separate message, from which minute, second to watch, or pre-cut in a third-party video editor. In general, you have to spend your time, and you don’t always have it.

Owners of mobile devices massively appealed to Viber technical support with requests to add the “Scissors” tool to the messenger. And now, at the end of March 2022, another update to the application was released, which added the long-awaited feature.

It works as follows:

  • Choose a recipient or group in your contact list;
  • In chat, click on the icon to add photo/video (or shoot new content);
  • In the gallery select the desired video;
  • Use the preview to find the important spot;
  • Move the start and end marker left and right to indicate the range. Anything that stays outside of it will be deleted;
  • Send!
Viber has a long-awaited feature - video editing before sending

So far, everything has been implemented at the simplest level, but it’s enough to significantly simplify the use of Viber. Thanks to the developers for listening to users’ requests. I wish they would remove advertising as well.

What do you think about it?

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