Vk.com Vkontakte My Page – how to sign in, how to use?

Vk.com Vkontakte My Page - how to enter, use?

At vk.com Vkontakte “My Page” is the personal profile of any authorized user of this social network. This resource continues to attract more and more people and is becoming more popular. If you are not yet familiar with it, but would very much like to register there, you have come to the right place. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the service and talk about its features and functionality.

My Territory

As soon as you enter Vkontakte.ru or vk.com you automatically get to the news window (so called “feed”) where your friends’ updates are displayed. In order to go to the start, that is, your account, you will need to bookmark your browser, smartphone or go directly to a direct link (My Page):

Link to my Vkontakte page

Hundreds of thousands of users visit the service every day. For a huge number of people it has become a place for communication, a community of common interests. The resource offers a huge number of opportunities, including correspondence with friends and family. They post interesting video content, spend time playing virtual games, open online stores and much more.

On V kontakte, you log in to My Page by entering your password and username. The latter is an email or phone number linked to the social network:

The account has many types of design, editing and settings. Available not only standard features of the service, but also third-party applications that will expand, decorate and make the interface of the social network more convenient.

Functionality description

The profile can be quite informative, but at the same time simple, without any frills. Especially when compared to other similar resources. This is why it is valued by numerous users, including foreign ones. In it you will find the following functional “features”:

  1. a section with navigation;
  2. the top search bar;
  3. a place for photos – avatars;
  4. a tab with friends;
  5. interesting pages;
  6. photoblock;
  7. video block;
  8. music section;
  9. status, information about yourself;
  10. wall of entries.
The main blocks of my VK page

After logging in to my page vkontakte ru you will see at the top left side the first block, consisting of 12 sub-items, which we will consider in more detail.

I note that over time, the number of menu items may change (something will be added or removed). If you notice a difference with my instructions, please let me know in the comments.

  • “Cabin icon” – if you click on this link, the main window will be updated. When you are on another tab, it will help you get back to your personal (My Vkontakte page).
  • News – in this section you can see the latest events in the life of your friends, updates of interesting news from your own subscriptions, as well as use filters and pick up interesting news for yourself – exclusively photo, video content, updates, comments. In addition, there will be a search button, used when necessary to find news by entering queries.
  • Posts – is probably the most important navigation link in the entire menu. This is where you can correspond, scroll through old text messages.
  • Friends – This section will help to see your friends, find someone specific, in the right column above will be requests for friends, you can also search there new, edit and make your friend list. If your list is not long, in the column to the side is a list of possible contacts, it is based on friends you’ve already added.
  • Groups – this section is not very popular. There will be groups and profiles that you are a subscriber to, and there is also a control panel. On the side, there’s a list of recommended ones – they’re selected based on interests, where you live, and other characteristics.
  • Photos – block with a variety of added photos and images, you can edit here, create your own photo albums, see the comments to the photos in a separate tab.
  • Music – item has recently been removed from this menu. Now you can access it by clicking on the “notes” icon in the top bar, near the search. This is probably the most popular, in-demand section on the entire resource. Moreover, many people are attracted to VK Vkontakte My Page precisely because of it. The owner can immediately listen to their favorite songs, enter search terms by the name of the band, artist and add tracks to themselves, manage them, broadcast in the community or in their feed. On the side of the menu on the right side there is a very useful functionality: displaying your friends’ music novelties, recommendations, and super-popular tracks by various genres. You can also create personal lists, for example, for your mood or your favorite singer.
My Vkontakte music
  • Videos – are available common and successful videos on the network, if you click on “Videos”, you can see your uploaded and added videos, comments and search menu, add new content.
  • Games – this section is created for having fun, adding toys. In addition, useful software is also available – applications for your own education and development. Games are divided into categories, they are in the bar at the top.
  • Goods – www.vk.com and My Page are constantly evolving, so not so long ago there was a tab for selling and buying products directly in the social network. The main category tab contains items that your friends are selling. If you don’t find anything for yourself among this assortment, you can search extensively. To do this, just type in the query line – Search for products. It is possible to add items to Favorites and create your own products.
  • Documents – Here you can upload files in any format to share them with your subscribers and group members.
  • Advertising – is used to create and manage ads that allow you to promote communities, products, services.
  • Managing – All applications and communities that you have admin access to are displayed here.

The resource itself changes regularly, some parameters are added and removed. For example, there used to be a “Settings” link on the side of the menu, but now you can’t find it there – the social network administration has moved this functionality to the pop-up menu of the top panel:

Vk settings menu

If this is your first time logging in to My VKontakte, you will definitely need to upload an avatar.

This is your picture or just a virtual image. It is not for nothing that this element is considered the most basic and it is the avatar that is uploaded first after registration. Install the image or edit it is easy enough – just hover your cursor over the photo area, and choose in the menu that appears your options: refresh image or change the thumbnail.

Thumbnail editing options

Below this block you can find a big and immediately noticeable button “Edit”. Clicking on it will open the menu of personal data editing (the main section of settings).

The upper part for search and control can be called the most important and multifunctional.

This panel contains 5 parameters – search bar, logo, music status bar, notification icon and settings section.

The logo, status for music, and notification icon are more decorative than practical (but the bell is great for alerting you to new events), and the search bar and settings block are important elements of the site. Any query can be entered into the search bar – and then the results found by social networking come out, among a variety of content types. Something is bound to come up.

Clicking on the username with the mini-avatar displays a menu with the following options:

  • edit;
  • help;
  • exit key;
  • settings directly;
  • link to “My Page” Vk.com Vkontakte.
Vk settings menu

When you click on each of the buttons, it gives you access to certain functions. If you want, you can explore them yourself. If you have questions about the Vkontakte settings after logging in, you can search for an answer in the “Help” section or leave your question in the comments.

The block with status and personal information is usually very popular with beginners. Here you can enter anything you want about yourself, for example, place of residence, hometown, education, interests, hobbies, and more. At the end, too, you can write a little about yourself. Above the information block is a line for the status. In it promptly share their mood, write a beautiful philosophical quote or musings about life. Here you are also allowed to stream tracks playing in audio recordings. In this way, friends can view what you’re listening to and connect to you if they wish.

VK user details And their status bar

The record wall is the first thing that catches your eye in yourself, your friends, and in groups and groups of publishers. It is a kind of face of any registered user. Its main function is to publish long posts on topics that are important to you, public communication and discussion of various content. If the owner allows everyone to post in the settings, other users will also be able to write something on your wall. In addition, you can repost to your “territory” content from publishers and groups – interesting videos, statuses, useful lists and more.

VK com news feed

Possible problems with the Vkontakte site and login to My Page

One of the most frequent problems for owners of profiles on this social network is that the account may be inaccessible. What is the reason for blocking access and how is it corrected? In fact, to solve such a problem is quite simple, there may be several options.

What to do when the page is inaccessible

The most common and already familiar reason is a break in the connection with the Internet. To check, you can go to any resource, if it will also be unavailable, then the probability of lack of connection is 99%. To get out of this situation, try rebooting the router, disconnecting and reconnecting to the network using the network control center. If all else fails, it’s not you, but the ISP company that’s disconnected your Internet. In this case, you’ll have to call your ISP and solve the problem with them.

VK login to my page can be blocked or frozen. What can I do? Perhaps this is the most unpleasant thing you can see in your profile. For what reason could it be blocked? This is a rather voluminous topic worth devoting a separate article to, but now I’ll note a few simple tips and answers to the basic questions of blocking a Vkontakte account.

Vk.com Vkontakte My Page - how to enter, use?

Most likely, you may have violated some rule of using the site, you have been pressed by detractors, or a huge number of messages were sent from your account, mistaken for spam. These reasons are considered the most common.

In order to unfreeze an account, you will need to find out the reason for the blocking and eliminate it as quickly as possible. Then everything will depend on the severity of the violations. If the time of freezing is not noted, you should contact the service administration and ask to unblock you in manual mode. In most cases, if the reason for the freeze has already been eliminated by the user, the administration will meet him halfway.

My profile through someone else’s eyes?

Have you ever wondered how VK looks like My Page if you open it? Is there a difference between what you and your followers see? I say at once, there is a difference. What’s more, this difference is not only between you and other users – you can adjust the degree of display for each individual user individually. This opens up almost limitless possibilities for customizing your profile, although many people don’t use all of the available functionality.

If you want to look at yourself from the outside, click on the avatar in the upper right corner of the page. Next, in the pop-up menu, find the item with “Settings”. Here you should look at the right sidebar and click “Privacy”. In this section you can configure the display of many elements of the resource for different visitors. Visually see what happened by clicking on the link at the end of the section.

View your Vkontakte page through the eyes of others

Is it possible to enter without logging in?

Many people wonder if it is possible to sign in to My Vkontakte page without a password. In fact, this data is required not only to log in, but also to protect the account from unauthorized access. It is worth noting that the username and password are an integral and very important part of your profile, despite the fact that many people do not like to enter them, wasting time. In order to make it easier to get into your account and not reduce security standards, you can use two options:

  • You want to enter the site Vkontakte and use your own computer device to enter My Page – immediately set up a system of automatic data saving. After that on your PC you will only need to press the “Sign in” button – the browser itself will log in to your account.
  • Use a mobile gadget to sign in – you can sign in without entering a password and login using the official app of the service.

What is a public VK community?

A public community on this social network is a variant of the groups that can be created on the resource. The main difference from other communities is that such a community is not intended for private communication, it cannot be closed. At the same time, groups can be made private, and this parameter can be adjusted. The public one has external and functional differences. The groups have more settings, but the publishers will be displayed in the sidebar of users’ personal accounts, and this is very useful for promotion.

Forgot password

Above I already told you how to go directly to the Vkontakte page and get to My Page automatically. But it may happen that you do not remember the password. There is no need to panic immediately, you need to repeat the entry, but carefully, take your time. It’s worth making sure the characters you enter are correct first. The procedure may be simplified by typing a text file, so the entered combination is immediately understandable. After that, it must be copied and pasted into the password entry window. One more thing – always check whether or not the Caps Lock key is pressed on your hardware. In some situations, you can even temporarily disable programs that can automatically change the keyboard layout.

If you’ve done everything I suggested, but there is no result, and you can’t remember the password, you can restore it with your phone or email box. No access to the mail or phone? You should go to a special link – vk.com/restore.

VK access recovery form

Some features

During the use of the service, some questions may arise, some we would like to dwell on in more detail.

  • What does the rating mean? It is a conditional value under the avatar, given for the filling of the profile and taken into account when using the social network. Users with high rating were the first in groups, searches, lists. Rating more than 100% was given and bought. Now this parameter is zeroed, the golden line is removed, and the algorithm takes into account other characteristics, including the number of subscribers and attendance profile.
  • How to understand when you have created an account? To do this, you will need to log into Vkontakte on your “territory” and use a special application, for example, vk.com/rating (I’m online). You can see the html code with a unique account number. After that, subtract the date of authorization from today’s date, so you will know the parameter you need.
  • What to do if everything on the screen is reduced? If you press left Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel up, everything will become normal.
  • Fake or real profile? Fake profile is an account of an unreal user, it is used for spamming and when they want to hide his name on the service. Quite often it is used by trolls to flood the site. To distinguish this from the real one is simple – look closely at the dates of entries on the wall, photos, activity of friends. You should be more attentive here.
  • Is the user’s profile deleted? If the inscription appeared on the screen that the information is unavailable, it means that the owner simply deleted it. In the process of deletion, all information is erased at once: video and photo content, records and materials on the wall. If you go to such material, an error will be issued.
  • When logging into VKontakte My Page is not visible in the search. If you enter the name correctly in the internal search, adjust the filter, it is still not displayed – during registration both Latin and Cyrillic letters were used. You can copy the name to the clipboard and put it in the search.
  • Icon of confirmation. Confirmed page on this site with a tick indicates that the profile is owned by the specified person. The private tick is given only to known people, after they show their passports in the service office.
Nikolay Sobolev's Vkontakte profile
  • How do I know the number that my profile is connected to? To do this, go to the settings, using the top menu, tab “General”, the field “Phone number”. By ID to find out the tied number or find a cell number of someone else’s account is impossible without hacking.
  • What is the difference between mobile and full version? If you go to the full version through a tablet or smartphone with a small screen, it will be inconvenient to view the data, the letters and menus will be small. In this case, it is better to use a special mobile version – graphics and fonts will be large, and it will be easier to enter Vkontaktek to your page.
  • Everything blinks and updates. If this problem occurs, you need to restart the browser, check the settings (it is better to reset them immediately), reinstall, and if it does not work, try in another browser.
  • The profile doesn’t open or is slowing down. There may be several variants of the problem: the contact is blocked, there are problems with the Internet. Make sure that there are no problems with the router, measure the connection speed. You can try to log in through an anonymizer, perhaps, provider or admin blocked access. If everything is fine, make an attempt to sign in to My contact vkontakte page a little later.

Managing your account is easy and straightforward, you just need to understand it well. Remember, on vk.com vkontakte My Page will be what you make it. You can manage your own settings, add and delete friends, content, and more. Take care of your security in advance, password and login should be secure and simple at the same time. If you have any questions, leave your comments, I’ll try to help you.

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