Warfare Discord: 10 best servers, their descriptions and features

Playing “Warface”, you can’t do without Discord. Otherwise, how else to contact the players, to recruit a team of trusted cyber fighters? At the same time you need to know what servers to connect to. Where to look for companions. It is always more interesting and exciting to play in a clan than alone. Consider all the options to make it easier to find friends and even opponents for online battles.

Warface Ru

The most famous of the communities in RuNet. It’s easier to find like-minded people, to set a team of cyber fighters for online battles. Typically, the connection occurs on one of 3 possible servers – Alpha, Bravo or Charlie. Have their own community in social networks, where the main news, events, championships.


There you can also choose a clan, a type of battle:

  1. “Blitz”. The operation is given a minute and a half. During this time, have time to find and defuse the bomb (it is already set). The other clan will oppose demining.
  2. “Survive at all costs. There are no allies or friends here. Everyone must destroy as many opponents as possible. Additional points are awarded for collecting special tokens left after the death of the fighter.
  3. “Domination”. You must capture, holding, several positions. This is not a task for weak strategists. One must understand the distribution of resources, clan forces in order to succeed.
  4. “Capture the Flag”. All fighters are divided into 2 groups – attackers and defenders. The attackers must, at any cost, capture the access codes to the rocket launchers. And then safely deliver them to their camp.
  5. “Team Combat. The usual battle in the style of “des-match.” Victory is awarded to the one who kills the most opponents.
  6. “Meat Grinder”. Almost like in “Survive at any cost,” except you have a limited amount of space for the battle.
  7. “Bombing”. There are 2 options to choose from – destroying the enemy or detonating/deactivating a planted bomb.
  8. “Assault. The attackers attack, the defenders repel their onslaught. Who will win? Role reversal is possible.
  9. “Destroy!”. Should not only capture a given place on the map, but also call in a given point of aviation to attack from the air.

On the server warfare.ru (https://ru.warface.com/) provides the required information: how to play, information about tournaments held, even a “Help” section for beginners.

The required experience can be gained not only fighting all day long in your favorite shooter. But also by communicating with other players via Discord. And for this you’ll need an account in the messenger. Well, and communication skills.


There are a number of game servers, with which to win in shooters and RPGs will be much easier. At the same time you can make new friends. These are Experience, Friends, Bachelor, team VALTOR, U Maharaja, server Hare and others.

The list of available resources does not end there. New ones are being added every day, and close-knit communities of interest are forming.


One of the most popular Discord servers. It gathers more than two hundred participants. Offers communication, character progression, and knowledge acquisition. Находится здесь: https://discord-server.com/ru/714105602963406928.


A server for fans of games. Well, and for communication. Go to the link:

https://discord-server.com/ru/405253245531848706. The number of participants is constantly changing and kept in the range of 75 people. Unites Russian-speaking users.



A resource for fans of Fornite, Warface, Dota. Participants receive a personally assigned rank depending on behavior. Distinctive features of the server – friendliness and design in the style of “Wild West” Located on the page https://discord-server.com/ru/617319388084961281.

Acc boost bs, wf

In a small (12 people), but friendly company, you can try to find adequate companions, players. The server is here:


Connection is via Discord or bot. Promise high friendliness, lamplight communication.



Different from others in that it is a specialized “Warface” server. However, also suitable for socializing on the themes of music, games, some interesting things. The team is not numerous, but friendly. Located here:



WARFACE RU game server for PVP, PVE, PM

And this is a resource where players will find like-minded people in team missions (PVE), rating matches (PVP). You can find it at https://discord-server.com/ru/728215670856089602. The server page promises not only fruitful communication, but also the establishment of contact with experienced gamers. Create your own clans.


It’s more fun to play together.

Another game server. Not too visited, judging by the statistics of the participants, but active. Specialization – music and “Warfare”. Located here:




This place gathers not just players, but cheaters. Those who prefer to use codes that facilitate the passage of missions, victory. The attitude towards cheaters in the gaming environment is ambiguous. They are even openly disliked. On the server you can find fans of “Warface”, “GTA 5”. Unfortunately, lately the resource has been working unstable. Located at:



Hare server.

This resource, which is still under development, a different specialization – “Minecraft”. The server is located at: https://discord.gg/XMeHPbTMAR. VK community can be found here: https://vk.com/bunny_minecraft

Summary of

Internet community is constantly in constant motion. Clans are created and broken up, new members appear. To keep track of that, you have to play games every day. Visit forums and, of course, communicate with like-minded people. The same enthusiastic players.


You can join an existing community or create your own. And then already promote the clan and recruit companions. This is where messenger Diskord, a universal means of communication, comes in handy. And it does not matter what kind of game you are fond of – “Warface”, “Grand Theft Auto” or “Minecraft”. Fighting together, get prize points will be more fun.

In addition, some features of Discord can accurately calculate the range of interests of the proposed participant. Achievements, list of wins, number of matches played. With this information it’s easier to create a team of intrepid fighters, stormtroopers or scouts. And then win battles, win prizes and gain experience.

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