Warframe Discord: top 10 best servers for the game, description and how to join

Cooperative shooter “Warframe” is demanding on the new audience: have to immediately look for partners, develop individual skills and carefully select the appropriate equipment for each new run. It is not easy for newcomers: the universe is literally tearing apart those who have not prepared for the exploits. But you don’t have to worry about starting out – the “Warframe” servers in the Discord messenger will be a support and encouragement!



Warframe – official Discord server, developing by leaps and bounds and steadily gaining new audience. The current online daily more than 40-50 thousand active users, and the administration allows you to freely communicate in hundreds of languages and even discuss side topics, including anime.

Domestic division – “Warframe” RUS – on the server is also represented, but in a limited composition and within the framework of the thematic voice and text channels. Not too vast an area for “development”, but official and eliminating the dominance of rule breakers.


Gamers International.

A full-scale gaming community, diligently welcoming those interested in Battlefield, GTA, For Honor, competing in DayZ, Rust and Overwatch, and winning awards in Warframe and Destiny. Gamers International – a breath of fresh air among the endless collection of servers in Discord, unable to impress neither the audience (GI already has over 5000 subscribers), nor the functionality. The community will become a support in terms of finding allies and support in unexpected ventures – with the help of the instructions and tutorials published in text chats even newcomers will have a chance to get familiar with any game industry project almost instantly!


Warframe Russian Community

Unofficial “Warframe” community developed in the context of the key servers in Discord. Administrators offer strict rules (flooding is practically impossible, permanent blocking for politics and off-topic discussion), limited access to voice and text channels, and punishment for those who regularly try to cheat the system.


Lift Together.

Server with a “lamplight” atmosphere focused mainly on the console version of “Warframe”, but does not exclude the possibility of communication with the owners of the computer version of the MMORPG. Among the available features – automatically assigned roles, special awards for regulars, the ability to freely switch between channels and discuss even politics, though anime.



A themed communication platform for Warframe, PUBG, CS: GO, and Dota 2 with weekly draws, rewards for newcomers and regulars, automatic roles, and a ranking system. Available features include chatting, finding teammates, watching streams and entertainment content, and discussing updates and patches.


“Dyzen Traktir”.

A beginner streamer server on Twitch, supporting communication with the audience, including on the expanse of Discord. “Traktir Dyzen” is designed unpretentiously – a few text and voice chats, a special tab with news and additional information, as well as links to recent and future broadcasts. Community audience is not growing too steadily, but to find allies and support is more than real.



-Dark-Legion – themed community in Discord, pulling fans of “Warframe” and the genres of MMORPG and FPS to the “dark side”, which is under the command of “Heralds of Death”. Decorated server in the appropriate style, and even communication is conducted in a role-playing format – each recruit has to glorify the darkness and fight with goodness and justice.



The official server of the Russian-speaking clan, diligently capturing the gaming industry. “Hell’s Hounds” allow you to communicate in voice and text chats, search for partners, view thematic information and share news, guides and recommendations on the passage of “Warframe”, and more “Destiny” and “OutRiders”.


-Ginger DZeta 7-.

Cooperative platform in Discord, uniting virtual mercenaries Tenno and samurai mercenaries. Such an unusual status the administration of the server complemented the appropriate design and curious description, and also – the music, broadcasted on the radio. It looks curious and certainly much more expressive than the competition.


A community representing the Wonderland Alliance, competing in the competitive arenas of the Wonderland universe. It has been actively developing for several years and is very demanding towards new recruits: the administrators carefully review incoming applications, weed out troublemakers and actively help those who need resources and help in combat.


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